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Morning, Oct, 16th, 2010, the eleven-person delegation from Xiamen Science Technology Bureau visited Leman. General Manager Mr. martin lee, Marketing Manager Joe and Secretary Ms. Deng accompanied the delegation.

The two parities made a very thorough discussion on industry upgrading, investment strategy, scale development of Hi-tech industry and new information about LED industry. Meanwhile, Mr Martin did a detailed report on Ledman operation situation, enterprise culture, R&D, market exploring and maintenance and the development opportunity of LED industry. The delegation thought highly of the advanced management style, the impressive sales volume and the strong R&D capability after they heard the report from Mr. Martin Lee; they were surprised at how fast Ledman has been developing in recent years and they showed their respect on the super large LED displays on Tian’anmen square during the 60th anniversary of China supplied by Ledman.

The delegation stated that as a very promising energy conservative industry, LED projects will get more government support during the 12th Five-year Plan. The government of Xiamen Municipality paid special attention on development of the energy saving industry and it was this reason that the government sent delegations to observe and study the LED situation in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Ms. Zhang Jinyang Came to Ledman Again to Present Training Courses

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