“Creativity + Digitization” presents a new scene of exhibition display – Ledman showroom highlights

Ledman’s UHD display solutions, which are customized for corporate showroom, thematic showroom, culture and science popularization showroom and other arenas and empowered by “Creativity + Digitization + Display Technology”, are able to deliver an unparalleled visual and sensory experience, combine fun, enjoyment and information dissemination, and create greater value for customers.

Thematic Showroom

Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park


Shining brilliantly in the industrial park is Ledman’s COB UHD energy-saving cold screen of a super large size which, with a shocking visual effect, delivers a UHD presentation of the city’s achievements in integrating multiple technologies to drive the digital development.


Shaw Science Museum, South China University of Technology


Ledman’s 4K Micro LED UHD display system, capitalizing on super large size, ultra high resolution and UHD picture, showcases the teaching and research level, academic reputation and influence of SCUT and the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, serving as a new window for the school to demonstrate its research strength and attract more outstanding researchers, and playing a role of demonstrating the advanced.


A Chongqing-based Innovation Center


The COB UHD display tailored by Ledman for a Chongqing-based innovation center, with a resolution of 7680*2160, outstanding color performance and ability to deliver a high-definition visual experience, not only gives a more vivid and intuitive presentation of the products and technologies in display at the exhibition hall, but gives visitors a deep knowledge of latest technological achievements of the innovation center.


Shekou Web Valley, Shenzhen


8K COB UHD display designed by Ledman for the web valley offers an all-round and multi-perspective display of the park’s operation results, providing the valley with a new platform to show the advances of the industrial park in construction and achievement commercialization.


Culture and Science Popularization Showroom


ORG Packaging Culture Museum


The museum, born with the mission to reveal the history of packaging culture, the development of ORG and the latest packaging design concepts in the industry, has Ledman deeply involved in the endeavor by building 4 COB UHD displays, adding dimensions to the cultural allure peculiar to packaging through multi-screen linkage.


Corporate Exhibition Display


Shanghai Alipay Building ·S Space


Ledman’s micro arc COB UHD display, its presence lighting up the showroom of the ·S Space with the role of brand communication and image display, proves, with its product quality and brand strength, a perfect match with the construction needs of Alipay’s international first-class showroom. And the final perfect visual effect has won recognition and praise from customers and visitors.


Famous Japanese Enterprises


The custom COB HD display by Ledman for a famous Japanese enterprise, more than 20 meters long, with a resolution up to 15360*1728, applicable mainly to video playback, company publicity and product display, captivates every visitor with its gorgeous picture texture, and the effect of illuminative flow.


Since 2018 when Ledman officially launched and mass-produced COB UHD display products, the brand has built up a series of typical exhibition hall application cases. Additionally, Ledman has seen its LED creative display solutions function brilliantly for culture and science popularization showrooms and museum showrooms, such as Shengli Petroleum Science and Technology Museum, Dongying, Shandong, Moscow Planetarium in Russia (Moscow Planetarium), Museum of Overseas Chinese, Jiangmen, Guangdong, Haimen Science and Technology Museum, Jiangsu, Tangshan Science and Technology Museum, Hebei, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Zhejiang, and Shing-Tung Yau International Convention Center, Guangdong.