LED Display Solutions & Applications

Ledman offer industry-leading UHD LED display solutions and professional custom LED display solution for various scenarios

Professional Display Solutions

Ledman offers a range of high-definition indoor LED display products based on COB technology. These products come equipped with comprehensive control systems and steel structures, delivering outstanding display effects. They find applications in exhibition displays, monitoring rooms, control rooms, command and dispatch centers, and various other scenarios. Independent Research and...
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Ledman Commercial LED Display Solutions

Ledman provides a series of indoor and outdoor high-definition LED display products based on SMD technology. These products feature complete control systems and steel structures, ensuring exceptional display effects. These can be applied widely, including indoor and outdoor advertising, the transportation industry, and various other scenarios. Features of Ledman Commercial...
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Smart Conference Display Solutions

The intelligent conference system solution incorporates a touch-enabled smart all-in-one device with dual systems, coupled with a specialized conference speech system, digital audio and image processing, video tracking control, and other systems aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of conferences. Designed for various scenarios, including conference rooms and lecture...
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Ledman Smart Education Display Solutions

Ledman education display solutions encompass a range of interactive boards for teachings designed to enhance the learning efficiency and environment. These solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs by using interactive displays for classrooms of educational settings, promoting engagement, collaboration, and effective content presentation.Intelligent Interactive Teaching Functions: Full touch UHD COB...
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Rental Display Solutions

Display rental solutions utilizing COB and SMD technology, featuring comprehensive control systems and high-end steel structures for impressive display effects, are suitable for applications in concerts, events, and diverse scenarios. Quick Installation Front and Rear Maintenance Arc Splicing Excellent Display Quality Related Product Integrated solution provider dedicated to LED product...
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