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As one of the leading enterprises in the world of LED, Ledman has been devoted herself to providing the best solutions, together with its high quality products and hospitable services.

So far, Ledman’s products have been brought into more than 100 countries all over the world, along with their reliable performance and praise from customers.


  • Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (stock name: Ledman, stock code: 300162), founded in 2004, is China's leading provider of high-tech LED products and solutions and China's first listed high-tech LED company.
  • Ledman specializes in the 8K UHD industry, creating a full range of LED products and solutions ,takes 8K micro led UHD display products based on COB advanced technology as the leader. In 2019, Ledman became a strategic partner in China's aerospace industry.
  • A Modern LED Display Manufacturer Leading the Game
  • As China’s leading LED display manufacturer, Ledman has been setting competitive benchmarks since 2004. Manufacturing and supplying a full range of ultramodern LED products and solutions, Ledman Optoelectronics is China’s first-ever listed company that manufactures and supplies a full spectrum of LED products.
  • With over 300 Innovative Technology Patents, we have been a rising name in the industry of LED display manufacturers. Our experts strive to get better with each passing year to retain our edge in the highly competitive LED market. Our independent research and development of COB 8k UHD display technology made us a strategic partner in China’s aerospace industry in the year 2019.

Our wide selection of products includes COB LED displays, indoor fixed LED displays, outdoor fixed LED displays, as well as rental, LED displays. Among them Our COB( chip-on-board) LED displays,had undergone the collision test. With a surface having survived the anti-collision test of greater than 10 kgs, Ledman COB display has achieved what very few LED display manufacturers can barely dream of. Along with that, the low pixel failure rate experienced by our products, paired with the ease of cleaning has put us at the top of the game in the industry of LED display manufacturers.

Our indoor and outdoor LED displays are user-oriented and can be easily installed and maintained. On top of that, the existing diecast aluminum structure ensures a good splicing effect so that our clients can meet their project requirements without any issues. For an LED display manufacturer like us, meeting our clients’ needs is our primary goal.

In addition to that, our products are diversified to meet customers' different indoor and outdoor use scenarios, while the products are equipped with power double backup and signal double backup to ensure that even in the event of a power outage, it will not cause damage to the customer's business needs. As an LED display manufacturer, the trustworthiness of our products as well as their flexibility have allowed us to rise to the top of this industry.

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  • Micro UHD LED display products based on COB advanced technology rank first in the LED display market of COB technology.
  • With profound accumulation of technology , LEDMAN acquired more than 300 independent LED display patents.
  • The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world with stable and reliable quality.
  • The cycle stock of finished standard product make quick delivery .
  • The company has been engaged in LED display business since 2005. Has been their own research and development, manufacturing and sales of LED display screen. Because of focus, so professional.