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Key Features

Innovative teaching mode


Dual system

Rich functions

Synchronous writing

Super eye care

Multiple sizes available

Based on COB Mirco LED display technology

Independent patent, restoring true colors, self-luminous LED panel, super protective performance

Dual system

Built-in Android 8.0, Windows 10 two-in-one system runs simultaneously, seamless switching, complete and powerful software coverage

Super eye protection

The luminous panel has obtained low blue light certification from TUV Rheinland, bringing you a softer and more eye-friendly experience

The screen module is certified by TUV Rheinland for low blue light

Rich features

Built-in whiteboard, file management, wireless screen transfer, video conferencing and other rich, and mature self-developed applications and software

Multiple sizes available

Match the appropriate product size according to the space size to bring a perfect classroom experience

Synchronous writing

Supports blackboard writing, retaining the teacher's traditional blackboard writing habit, the screen is displayed simultaneously, and the content can be zoomed in or out at will, and the blackboard can be pushed up and down

Greatness in Any Space

Bring You The Innovative Teaching Mode