Ledman Led Display Products

Ledman offers best-in-class high-refresh-rate LED screen walls, interactive LED boards, more LED products for wide solutions

WE Series

  • Good Flatness
  • Curved Design
  • Convenient and Fast
  • Good Display Effect

XS Series

PSE Technology
  • PSE Technology
  • Excellent Flatness
  • Wall Mounting
  • High Protection
  • Flexible Size

X Series

  • 6-Axis Adjustment Function
  • Flexible Installation Method
  • Compatible Platform Design

YF Series

  • Flip chip COB technology
  • Full protection from Mold, water, dust, static
  • Ultra-high contrast& consistency

DF Series

  • Energy Saving
  • Module with bottom shell
  • Security and stability

QF Series

  • Integrated cabinet
  • Modular design
  • Common cathode design
  • Support dual backup
Ledman high resolution led panel - KCLL series

KCll Series

  • Ultimate image qualitywith high-refresh-rate
  • Anti-knock design for high protectionto ensure the safety
  • Aluminum cabinet leads the heat dissipated naturally
Ledman surface mounted right angle led screen - K series

K Series

  • Lightweight: easy to move and install
  • Multi-splicing way: supports 90°right angle splicing
  • Various installation methods: Wall-mounted or hanging installation
Ledman led display panels modular with different pixel pitches - E series

E Series

  • High brightness& high resolution for excellent display
  • Flexible sizecan be used for multi scenarios
  • Interchangeable module under the same size cabinet
Ledman outdoor waterproof led screen - N series

N Series

  • High refresh rate make a better dynamic visual
  • Easy to install and maintenance
  • Strong protection against water, mold, and rain
  • Multiple cabinet sizes availablefor various scenario
Ledman outdoor led display screen - NS series

NS Series

  • High brightness to adapt to different environments
  • Energy-saving& lower power consumption
  • Full protection against Mold and water
  • Multiple cabinet sizes available

L Series

  • Available to see in ultra-high bright environment
  • Double waterproof designprotection on inner and surface
  • Die casting and profile aluminum cabinet

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