Ledman LED Video Wall for Home Theater- LEDPLAY

 LED video wall for home theater is a fantastic way to create an immersive viewing experience at the house. Designed with a giant size and Hyper-sound system, Ledman video wall for home – LEDPLAY series provides a theater experience.

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Key Features of Ledman UHD COB Residential Video Wall

Household UHD COB Giant Video Wall


Super size

Quick installation

Ultra high definition

Super eye care


Based on COB Mirco LED display technology

LEDPLAY series - video wall home theater is produced for super protection against water, dust, mold, collision, static, and mildew. With industry-leading patent technology, this LED video wall for home theater provides a better visual experience.


Elevate your home entertainment with Ledman home video wall, which offers enhanced visual experiences, meeting the demands of high-end preferences. Immerse yourself in a private theater experience like never before, expanding your "vision" for unparalleled joy.


Ultra high definition

Video wall for home with high contrast, high refresh rate, wide color gamut 120% DC1-P3 (coverage area ratio), and viewing angle present details and brightness of images.


Built-in electronic frequency division stereo

Built-in sound configuration of up to 4 channels, a total of 6 speakers hifi-level sound

Super eye care

The anti-blue light, self-illumination, and eye protection modes of Ledman residential video wall ensure optimal eye care for your family.

Quick installation

Assemble video wall for the home is simplified through module splicing, offering easy entry and installation, ultimately saving both time and labor.

Luxury home theater

100% screen-to-body ratio, luxurious visual enjoyment

Greatness in Any Space

Customized solution on LED video wall for home theater for different demands. LEDMAN LEDPLAY, your vision is your world.