Ledman Chairman Martin Lee addresses BIRTV2023-8K Ultra HD TV Summit Forum

On August 22, during the 30th BIRTV, the 8K UHD TV Summit Forum, sponsored by CRTV and co-organized by UHD World Association and state key laboratory of ultra-high definition video and audio broadcasting, kicked off in Beijing.

Ledman Chairman and President Martin Lee, upon invitation, attended the gathering and gave a keynote speech on “Home 8K Super Size Micro LED Display Solution”, discussing the latest development and application experience of 8K UHD TV production and broadcasting technology with more than 200 technical experts and business representatives from CMG Technology Bureau, BBC, Huawei, UWA, and other giants.

Li, when addressing the meeting, shared his insights in promoting the development of 8K UHD video industry from the perspectives of market, national UHD video industry related policies, existing technology path and current 8K UHD TV applications, showcasing the Ledman’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the 8K UHD video industry.
In recent years, the global color TV market and laser TV market, especially the home display consumer market has created a growing demand for product of “larger size and higher definition”, namely the “4K/8K UHD display over 100 inches”. Also, driven by policy support for 8K UHD video industry and the initial construction of the ecological technology system of 8K UHD video industry, China’s UHD display industry has scored rapid growth. Of note, the operation of CCTV 8K UHD channel has promoted the rapid development of Micro LED TV.
The UHD Video Industry Development Action Plan stressed the need to vigorously promote the development of UHD video industry and the application of related fields with 4K as priority to drive the growth of 8k. To promote the application of 8k technology, the “hundred cities and thousand screens” campaign has been carried out in many regions across the country, enriching the UHD video service scenarios, and expediting the integration and innovation of UHD video in many aspects.
Ledman, committed to 8K UHD video industry, active in the “hundred cities and thousand screens” campaign, has delivered such masterpieces as Ledman 1,200㎡8K UHD naked eye 3D curved screen on Beijing Road Pedestrian street, Guangzhou, and COCO PARK Ledman outdoor 8K UHD large screen, in Futian, Shenzhen. The campaign has accelerated the penetration of 8K UHD video industry.

Ledman 1,200㎡8K UHD naked eye 3D curved screen on Beijing Road Pedestrian street, Guangzhou

COCO PARK Ledman outdoor 8K UHD large screen, in Futian, Shenzhen
From the perspective on the need for immersive viewing experiences, displays over 100 inches are more suitable for viewing 8K UHD video. To make 8K UHD video popular among households is the key to the application of the industry, and Micro LED is the best technology solution for ultra-large TVS over 100 inches.

Based on years of experience in Micro LED R&D and manufacturing, Ledman rolled out in 2021 Micro LED UHD home giant screen series products with leading technical indicators such as “more than 100 inches, ultra-high resolution, and Micro LED”, becoming the first to make Micro LED products available in the C-end consumer market. In 2022, Ledman was the first to release the world’s first 8K 163-inch Micro LED UHD home giant video wall, driving the global 8K UHD video industry chain layout and development.

By far, Ledman has formed 110 inch, 138 inch, and 163 inch product matrix, opening more than 10 flagship stores and experience centers in many cities across the country to enhance experiential marketing, a mark that the brand has further expanded into the new consumer market of Micro LED and promoted the ecological development of 8K UHD technology industry.