Ledman helps China Coal Group production dispatching center with intelligent construction

What with technological advancement and introduction of policies, plus mining industry’s growing input in smart mine, digital management, and smart transformation, the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry has entered a stage of acceleration. In recent years, LED display, with excellent display effect, has become the preferred carrier for displaying intelligent information in application scenarios such as scheduling and monitoring center, greatly enhancing production safety management and making production command and dispatch more advanced.


Recently, Ledman saw its COB UHD display become a new addition of a coal production dispatching center of an energy company of China Coal Group. The COB UHD display, delivering excellent display effect, capable of intuitive, efficient and comprehensive display of all kinds of data and pictures, provides intelligent dispatching and command solution featuring efficient data processing, timely response and dispatch, and reliable risk control for the coal production dispatching center.



The display, its resolution being 9120 x 2160 pixels, powered by Ledman Micro LED self-packaging patented technology, is seamlessly stitched together by Ledman COB UHD display products. The 170° ultra-wide viewing angle allows every staff in the dispatch center the best visual experience. Surface light source display, uniform light, and eye-friendly low blue light work together to meet the needs of staff for long-time watching.


The COB UHD display, empowered by full grey scale correction technology to improve the grey scale performance accuracy, the uniformity and fineness of the picture, achieves consistency between brightness and chroma of LED display, improving the display quality. A product backed by dynamic energy saving technology, thermal management technology and other advanced energy saving technology, it consumes 30% less energy than regular displays of the same brightness.


Ledman COB UHD display, now the “information window” of the coal production dispatching center, is capable of split-screen, multi-window display of multi-channel information. The COB UHD display, visually displays the mine production status, operation data, safety alarms and other information, through real-time video images and various kinds of IoT sensing signals, to managers, enabling them to quickly understand the overall operation situation, timely work out countermeasures, and improve the production efficiency and operation safety of the mine.



Ledman COB UHD display, coupled with a safe and efficient coal production scheduling management system, can create a centralized, real-time collaboration environment, provide an efficient, safe and reliable command and dispatch working platform for organization, management, coordination, command, dispatch and operation, and enable “one display perception” of the overall situation of coal mine production and operation.