Ledman sees sales of its N series outdoor fixed products total 100,000 square meters

In the second quarter of 2022, sales of Ledman’s N series outdoor fixed products totaled 100,000 square meters.


Since 2005 when the development and manufacturing of LED display screens kicked off, Ledman has maintained good cooperative ties with several North America-based world-famous large companies and kept providing outdoor fixed products for them, laying a good R&D, manufacturing, supply chain foundation for its outdoor fixed LED display. That explains why its 2018 N series outdoor fixed products quickly won market recognition, available in the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia and other nearly 100 countries and regions.


N6 Berlin, Germany, 221 m2, in 2021


N16 Russia, 72 m2, in 2019


N6 Egypt, 30 m2, in 2021


N10W Serbia, 359 m2, in 2020


N10 Mexico, 5 m2(45 pieces), in 2019


N10 UAE, 101 m2, in 2017


N10 Indonesia,108 m2, in 2017


N10 Australia, 230 m2, in 2018


1.Double waterproofing design


N series LED display box features hidden wire in its design, the hidden wires adding to the appearance clean beauty, brightness of 5500- 8500nits ensuring excellent display effect and making it clear and distinct despite hard light. Refresh rate up to 3840Hz secures natural and smooth and colorful broadcast. Box and module are designed with waterproof function, immune to the harm of wind and rain.





2. High stability


N series LED display products features parallel module in design, ensuring normal operation of other ones despite one damaged module. No fans within the box greatly reduce the damage of rain, dust and other objects to the internal system and the subsequent screen body failure. Box made of aluminum dissipate heat faster and evenly than its counterparts, resulting in longer product life and long, stable operation of the screen body.



3. Easy installation and maintenance


The box allows front and rear maintenance and installation, making it suitable for more scenarios in different spaces, such as standard billboard, outdoor large screen, transportation hub, street view advertising, digital signage, and sports. Further, N series LED display has a variety of different spacing P4/P5/P6/P8/P10/P16 for customers to choose from according to their different needs.



Ledman’s N series outdoor fixed products form another star series besides Ledman COB series products for their good display effect, stable quality, complete point spacing, full box sizes, and spot stock.