Ledman Sues Suspected Infringing Company over Micro LED Display Patent

In December 2023, Ledman launched patent infringement litigation against several companies under MTC in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, for MTC had been suspected of infringing two new display patents obtained by Ledman in China and overseas, as evidenced by MTC’s series virtual pixel display which is suspected of infringing the patent rights of Ledman’s “pixel sharing engine” display technology.


Ledman pioneered the industry to release the “pixel sharing engine” display technology based on COB display technology in 2020, along with a series of subversive innovations in pixel arrangement and AI algorithm, not only striking a good balance between reducing cost and improving display resolution of Micro LED display products, but greatly increasing the popularity of Micro LED display products among more users. “Pixel sharing engine” display technology, one of the original and important innovations of Ledman in the industry, includes but is not limited to “RGB triangle arrangement, six-light virtual pixel”, “RGBG rectangular arrangement, four-light virtual pixel” and a series of technological clusters. It is now widely used in many COB display products of Ledman.


Ledman, with heavy input, has developed and improved the “pixel sharing engine” display technology. The brand, a committed player in domestic and foreign markets, has applied for patents in China, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions, and has been authorized by many overseas multinational patent offices.


“Pixel sharing engine” patented technology is one of the important intangible assets of Ledman. Ledman, always firm in exercising its rights and defending the legitimate rights and interests of its innovative achievements, will take appropriate legal measures to protect it legitimate rights and interests against the infringing products that are circulating in the market. Such legal measures include, but are not limited to bid rejection, exhibition intellectual property rights protection, customs intellectual property inspection and protection. It will carry out administrative enforcement or resort to legal proceedings to firmly defend its intellectual property rights. It will join hands with peers to create an industrial development atmosphere that respects intellectual property rights and innovation achievements of others, so as to promote the healthy development of LED display industry.