Ledman Torshare Amazes Light + Building 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany


From March 3 to 8, Light + Building 2024 (the 12th Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition) was held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. Torshare, wholly-owned subsidiary of Ledman, casted limelight on Booth E25, Hall 10.1, with its indoor lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and other star products, showing innovative lighting products and scene solutions to customers and audiences from all over the world.




Light + Building, a biennial event held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany, is the world’s largest lighting and building services technology exhibition. Riding the wave of the times and cutting-edge industry trends, Light + Building 2024 is committed to promoting the development of “electrification” in housing, work and social mobility, especially the application of future home building technology and smart lighting technology.



A new square line light, the highlight display of Ledman Torshare, adopts the upper and lower light design that enables three lighting modes and supports free adjustment. The use of prismatic diffusion plate makes the light softer through secondary reflection, delivering a greater visual comfort. The side cover can be equipped externally with PIR human infrared sensor to enable the energy-saving effect of lighting, as light is on when people come, and the light is off when people go. It can be widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, libraries and other scenarios.


【Rectangular strip light with up and down light】


Another star product, the twelve-generation UFO mining lamp, is a new generation of product upgraded and optimized according to market demand, which fits better the use habits of European consumers. The product, while guaranteeing 140~160LM/W high light efficiency, can achieve energy-saving effect. The unique turbo-type air convection heat dissipation design, integrated die-casting molding, can operate stably at -30~55℃ ambient temperature. It supports microwave sensing + Bluetooth function, and mobile APP smart mode setting, such as dimming, switching, and timing. It is also capable of multi-light control through Bluetooth Mesh networking. Flexible and armed with diversified functions, it can meet the needs of different scenarios.


【Twelve-generation UFO mining lamp】


The outdoor lighting boutique LED street lamp developed by Torshare is appliable to various application scenarios in commercial or public environments, such as parking lots, sidewalks, roads, campuses, and facade lighting. The cooling surface adopts ramp design to ensure a stable heat dissipation performance. The surface is not easy to settle dust, and the self-cleaning effect is good. External wireless control standard base fit in well with 3Bin, 5Bin or 7Bin controller to achieve light control, dimming or single light remote control.


【Eighth generation LED shoebox light】


Torshare has the booth perfectly restore all kinds of lighting scenes, attracting lots of visitors. By demonstrating the features and advantages of the product, it delivers a wonderful technological feast to global users. As many customers have shown a strong intention to cooperate with the brand, there will be more in-depth exchanges and cooperation on lighting products and solutions.



The exhibition will last until March 8, local time. We sincerely welcome customers from different industries and fields around the world to visit Booth E25, Hall 10.1 to discuss cooperation and envision future business opportunities.