Real Energy-saving Ice Screens! Ledman LEDMIN COB Pioneers a New Realm of Energy Efficient Visualization

In recent years, China has accorded high priority to its carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategic goals, vigorously promoting the development of green and low-carbon technologies, enhancing energy efficiency, thereby driving society towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns. Achieving peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality aligns with the adoption of new development concepts, the construction of a new development pattern, and the pursuit of high-quality development.


To actively respond to China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategic goals, Ledman has launched its independently developed, new flip-chip COB PSE product – the LEDMIN COB YS. The LEDMIN COB YS product harnesses Ledman’s proprietary Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, which boasts patent application in China and globally. By integrating RGBG arrangement and PSE algorithms, this product transforms 2K into 4K screens, remarkably reducing the costs associated with 4K/8K screens while effortlessly delivering UHD display.



The LEDMIN COB YS product boasts a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1, capable of supporting a refresh rate of 3840 Hz. It also accommodates 22-bit grayscale and a wide color gamut of 125% NTSC, with an anti-blue light display panel that presents gentle, eye-friendly images. This excellent combination offers users an unparalleled visual experience.


Following optimizations in integrated circuit and display technology, the LEDMIN COB YS product outperforms its competitors by saving up to 50% energy, embodying genuine energy efficiency and significantly cutting costs. Taking the YS0.9 large screen, spanning 100 m2 as an example, operating 20 hours daily over 365 days annually, it conserves an impressive 321,200 kWh of electricity. This translates to a cost savings of RMB 3,147,760 and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 183,180 kg – equivalent to the positive environmental impact of planting approximately 16,653 trees. Practically speaking, the surface temperature of the LEDMIN COB YS screens remains below the sensible temperature, specifically at a mere 31.6°C. This not only reduces substantial cable investments, but also provides users with a more comfortable application experience. For end users, this translates into significant savings on electricity bills.


Moreover, the LEDMIN COB YS product is structurally designed with a one-piece die-cast aluminum cabinet, enabling high-precision assembly, while the aluminum bottom case of each module reinforces the lamp surface against external pressures, thus ensuring safety. It also facilitates efficient heat dissipation for uniform lamp surface and color temperatures. The sealed cabinet design exhibits strong electromagnetic shielding, minimizing electromagnetic energy diffusion and radiation exposure, thereby safeguarding human health.


In terms of process design, the LEDMIN COB YS product adheres to Ledman’s molding technology, exhibiting exceptional protection capabilities. Its surface is resistant to organic solvents, moisture, and flame, with superior resistance to attenuation. Moreover, the product offers waterproofing, anti-collision, anti-static, dustproof, and flame-retardant properties, making it adaptable to diverse operating environments.


The LEDMIN COB YS product is a market-oriented, user-focused hot product from Ledman, meticulously designed after profound market research. It is extensively applicable to various UHD display scenarios such as professional displays, commercial displays, and home displays. Remaining steadfast in aligning with national strategies, Ledman is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services through continuous technological innovation.