Respecting innovative achievements and intellectual property rights, jointly promoting the industry development

In 2020, Ledman first launched Pixel Sharing Engines Technology in the industry based on COB display technology, demonstrating the disruptive innovations in hardware and software. Pixel Sharing Engines Technology is the important innovative achievement of Ledman, including but not limited to technology clusters such as RGB 3-light virtual pixels and RGBG 4-light virtual pixels. It has been widely applied in multiple COB displays of Ledman.


Ledman has contributed many labors and invested resources in the development and improvement of Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, and has applied for patents in China, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions. As of now, it has been authorized by patent offices in many countries.


Recently, Ledman has learned that some peers launched virtual pixels or dynamic pixels products that are quite similar to Ledman Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, suspected of infringing on multiple patent rights of Ledman. Ledman has litigated intellectual property patent lawsuits against some infringing companies, and will also take corresponding legal measures against infringing products in the market to protect its legitimate rights and interests, including but not limited to bidding invalidation, fair intellectual property rights protection, customs intellectual property inspection and protection, etc. The administrative enforcement or legal proceedings shall be taken to defend the intellectual property rights, and we will make efforts to create an industry development atmosphere with others that respects intellectual property rights and the innovative achievements of others, promoting the healthy development of the LED display industry.


As the first LED display listed company in A-share market, Ledman, with constant focus on technology, innovation-driven development, and the protection of intellectual property rights, is constantly striving to improve and strengthen its core competitiveness. At present, Ledman has 19 years of packaging R&D and manufacturing experience, 18 years of LED display R&D and manufacturing experience, 9 years of Micro LED R&D and manufacturing experience. It has about 500 patents at home and abroad, covering the structure, packaging, PCB, pixel arrangement, control, interaction and other aspects of Micro LED display products. These innovative achievements further improve the technical nature of Ledman Micro LED ultra HD display products, enhance the core enterprise competitiveness, and accumulate drive force for the high-quality development of Ledman.