Robust Waterproofing Performance! Exemplary Cases Endorse Superb Quality of Ledman COB UHD Display

Product quality stands as a pivotal factor in the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing brands in the contemporary era. As a leading provider of LED displays and solutions, Ledman has, over its 20-year tenure, adhered strictly to product quality management. Committed to advancing product quality and performance through technological R&D and innovation, the company also implements a comprehensive quality management system, rigorously overseeing every aspect from product design to manufacturing processes and component selection, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality.


In 2018, Ledman took the lead in the industry by unveiling Micro LED UHD Display products based on COB technology, marking a groundbreaking leap in enhancing the quality and performance of LED display. To date, Ledman’s UHD Display products have been implemented in over 3,000 applications.


At the Smart Campus of South China University of Technology’s International Campus, Ledman COB UHD displays operate in a multi-view format, displaying various surveillance feeds for comprehensive smart monitoring. Since its installation and commissioning in 2019, this display has reliably functioned for 5 years, earning high praise from clients for its outstanding quality and performance.



During the installation, this display encountered an unexpected incident where a rooftop fire sprinkler became loose, unleashing a torrential downpour that cascaded like a waterfall, which drenched the display surface extensively. Following a swift 17-hour emergency response and on-site inspection, no significant water ingress was found within the enclosure of the Ledman COB UHD display. Upon wiping away residual moisture from the display surface, it illuminated normally, demonstrating remarkable protective capabilities and attesting to its superior product quality.



Leveraging proprietary patents in advanced COB technology and Pixel Sharing Engines Technology, Ledman’s recently launched COB UHD energy-saving ice screen boast not only “collision-proof, anti-static, fog-resistant, moisture-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof” protective features but also excel in surface resistance to organic solvents, humidity, combustion (having passed the rigorous British Standard BS476-7 Surface Spread of Flame Class 2 certification), and decay. Hence, these displays adapt seamlessly to a variety of environmental demands.


The heightened protective properties of Ledman’s UHD energy-saving ice screens remarkably reduces the likelihood of lamp dropping or collision during installation, transportation, and disassembly. Furthermore, it safeguards the product against environmental and human-induced disruptions during operation, thus guaranteeing prolonged, stable, and reliable operation of the equipment. This, in turn, minimizes subsequent maintenance expenses and bolsters clients’ economic benefits.