Spotlight on the Bustling Scene at Beijing IFC Exhibition! Ledman’s 5 Innovative Scenarios Garner Attention

On April 17, Beijing InfoComm China 2024 grandly opened at Beijing National Convention Center, with over 400 renowned global brands gathering to present cutting-edge professional audiovisual technologies and solutions.


At booth “EC2-01”, Ledman constructed multiple application scenarios such as command and monitoring centers, education, conferences, home entertainment, and virtual filming, offering global customers an immersive audiovisual technology experience. It garnered considerable attention on the first day of the event, with crowds flocking to the scene. The bustling atmosphere was ablaze with excitement! As a result, Ledman was honored with the “Most Popular Booth” award at the Beijing InfoComm China 2024.




Highlight 1:

New Product Debut Showcasing Cutting-edge Technology Charisma


At this exhibition, Ledman’s “World’s First PM Glass Substrate Micro LED UHD Household Giant Video Wall” made a significant debut, attracting numerous professional attendees to experience it. This product adopts TGV glass substrate and Ledman’s unique new COB packaging patented technology, offering a high-performance-to-price ratio product that balances display performance and cost. The breakthrough technological innovation can deliver an unprecedented immersive home audiovisual experience.



“Nowadays, more and more people are choosing large-screen home display products. The display effect of this product is stunning! It perfectly integrates technology and aesthetics!” A professional was full of praise for the advanced technology and aesthetic design of the Ledman’s household giant video wall after experiencing it.


Highlight 2:

Cold Screen Technology, Innovative COB Scene Experience

Low-carbon Environmental Protection, Accompanying Green Development



The Ledman 8k Micro LED UHD Energy Saving Cold Screen exhibited at this exhibition reflects Ledman’s unique advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection as an LED screen enterprise. Using Ledman’s independent patented Pixel Sharing Engines Technology and unique COB packaging process, this product can save 50% energy consumption compared to similar products, with low power consumption and low screen temperature, meeting the low-carbon environmental protection needs of various industries such as enterprises, entertainment, and transportation.




Ledman LEDHUB Interactive Conference AlO and Ledman LEDHUB Interactive Education AIO provide users with more convenient and efficient meeting and teaching experiences. Customers at the scene expressed that the innovative products of Ledman impressed them deeply.


Highlight 3:

XR Virtual Filming Solution

A New Way of Creation and Experience



The exhibition of innovative products such as XR virtual filming and LED telescopic balls demonstrates the perfect combination of LED display technology and creativity. Ledman’s APEXLS XR virtual filming solution made its debut and attracted many attendees to experience it. Sitting in front of the large screen, the audience became the “protagonists” of the camera, switching scenes such as wilderness camping, experiencing pastoral life, and celebrating festivals within a minute, making film production effortless. The XR virtual filming solution achieves real-time imaging, providing the film and television industry with a more efficient and flexible economic choice.



The exhibition will continue until April 19.

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