Venturing into Uncharted Territory! Ledman-Apexls XR Virtual Filming Solution Pioneers a New Era of Creative Experience

XR Virtual Filming Solution



The embrace of 4k/8K UHD technology signifies a groundbreaking epoch in cinematic evolution. Conventional filming frequently contends with limitations like venue constraints, unpredictable weather, and elaborate set designs, posing hurdles to achieving optimal visual aesthetics and immersive experiences.


With the rapid advancements in computer graphics, camera tracking technology, and real-time engine rendering, the construction of digital virtual scenes has turned feasible, giving rise to the advent of XR virtual filming technology.



The Ledman-Apexls XR virtual filming system, integrating LED display screens, video camera recording systems, audio systems, server systems, etc., harnesses the powers of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to blend fabricated virtual scenes with real scenes, thus enabling an immersive experience that fluidly transitions between the virtual and real worlds.



Benefits of XR Virtual Filming


01 Cost-effective

By leveraging virtual visualization for filming, it slashes time costs and truncates the overall production cycle.



02 Unleash Creativity with Endless Inspiration

Panoramic, immersive display spaces defy spatial confines, empowering instant creative ventures anytime.



03 Robust Features

Real-time rendering output with swift scene switching capabilities;

Eliminate tedious production and prop change procedures, for more authentic scenes.



04 Broadly Versatile

Versatile implementation spans the realms of film & TV production, ad shoots, TV stations, broadcasting studios, education and cultural tourism, live streaming, and online launches.


Server Features


01 Rendering Engine

Next-Gen Engine + PBR Rendering: A scalable program framework paired with an extensive material library to deliver exquisitely realistic visuals.


02 Virtual Implant System

Virtually embedded objects interacting dynamically with live subjects within highly realistic scenarios to enhance interactions.


03 Screen Expansion

Harmonizing and integrating content across both in-display and external views.


04 A Multitude of Expansion Features

1. Motion capture + data gloves;

2. Virtual idol co-performance interactions;

3. Facial capture.



Features of Cinema Screens


01 Adaptable splicing and Tailor-made exteriors

Creatively crafted scenes with bespoke shapes such as tri-fold, curved, or U-shaped configurations.



02 Modular Design

Designed with a power-efficient common cathode setup, it comprises removable control box + frame + wireless module; magnetic attachment for easy installation and supports front and rear maintenance.



03 Outstanding Visual Presentation

Boasting a stunning refresh rate of 7680Hz and a grayscale depth of 16 bits, this technology ensures maximum image fidelity with precise visuals, resulting in exceptionally crisp and lifelike displays.


04 Hyper-Expanded Color Gamut

Compliant with the DCI-P3 standard (98%NTSC), as specified by the American film industry.



05 High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology

Ultra-responsive dynamics for swift action scenes, clocking in at nanoseconds.


Features of Tracking System


01 Real-time tracking

The system boasts an adaptable mechanism with options for both mechanical jib tracking and infrared tracking, featuring heightened accuracy and swift response; it seamlessly executes fixed-point orbits, crafting visuals that vividly evoke a 3D spatial experience.


02 Intelligent AI Application

Real-time facial tracking capture paired with unattended shooting capabilities; leveraging deep learning, the system automates repetitive, tedious tasks and facilitates swift batch processing.


Versatile Application Solutions


Film production, ad shoots, cultural tourism, concerts, and marketing launches. Educational innovations, exhibitions & presentations, e-commerce live streaming, big data visualizations, and more.