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Ledman COB MillLED Display products settled in London across the ocean

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As we all know, the city known as the "City of Flowers" - London crosses the River Thames, on the plains of southeast England. Samuel Johnson once said: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” People from all over the world come and go to London, have a hasty travel and never forget.


Recently, Ledman COB MilliLED display products was installed in its showroom by a well-known British company in London, and officially settled in the international metropolis London.


This product is 138 inches in size and is the first M1.5 series product developed by Ledman COB MilliLED display products. The 2K HD display quality is excellent. After seeing Ledman COB products at the ISE show in the Netherlands, the customer was deeply attracted and placed orders directly.

The customer stated that during the transportation from domestic air to London, this product did not show a dead light, the quality is worthy of recognition, and the successful installation has been praised so far. The SMD fine-pitch products originally installed at this location have had obvious dead lights before the installation.

Ledman's COB MilliLED display products offer higher protection - shock, bump, moisture, dust, and waterproof on the front. Among them, the anti-collision performance greatly solves the problem that the LED device is easily damaged during long-distance transportation, installation and use of the product; the easy-to-clean feature solves the pain point that cannot be cleaned after the display surface of the small-pitch product is dirty; The extremely low failure rate of SMD fine pitch products further extends product life and reduces operating costs.


Since Ledman officially released the COB MilliLED display panel in March 2018, our M series and MR series are widely welcomed by the market and orders are constantly being used. With the increase in production capacity, Ledman COB MilliLED display products will be settled around the world, and one day it will suddenly meet you at a corner of the coffee shop.

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