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Key Features

Rich features with excellent performance


Dual system

Rich functionality

Writing board

Super eye care

Multiple sizes available

Based on COB Mirco LED display technology

Independent patent, restoring true colors, self-luminous LED panel, super protective performance

Dual system

Built-in Android 8.0, Windows 10 two-in-one system runs simultaneously, seamless switching, complete and powerful software coverage

Built-in Android 8.0, Windows10 2-in-1 system synchronization, seamless switching, complete and powerful software coverage

Interactive touchable panel

Super interactive performance, supporting flexible zooming of the screen, making your meeting more efficient

Rich integrated interfaces

Multiple integrated interfaces to meet the needs of different device access and super compatibility

Easy entry and easy installation

Modular design, convenient entry, quick installation, and simple maintenance

Rich functions

Rich functions to create an intelligent and efficient meeting experience

Multiple sizes available

Various sizes are available depending on the size of the space

Greatness in any workplace

The future of intelligent conferencing