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Ledman COB’s Intelligent manufacturing and Craftsmanship

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Based on technology and lasting innovation, as a high-tech enterprise recognized by China, Ledman has been committed to the R&D, manufacturing, application and service of high-grade LEDs and their application products since its establishment in 2004. 14 years of LED packaging, R&D and manufacturing experience, 13 years of LED display development and manufacturing experience, and more than 4 years of COB MilliLED Display research and development experience.

In March 2018, Ledman officially released the COB MilliLED display panel, and the estimated capacity has been achieved to achieve volume shipments, which is favored by domestic and foreign customers.

Where does the Ledman COB product with both internal and external beauty come from? Let me take you to visit the manufacturing base - Huizhou Ledman Industrial Park, and decrypt how it was created by intelligence?

93,000 m2 quality rear

In 2012, the industrial park in the high-tech zone of Zhongkai, Huizhou, officially opened for production. With an area of 50,045m2 and a total construction area of 93,000m2, it is the leading LED manufacturing base in the industry. Look at the following pictures of the park, each corner has its own set of scenery and ultra-clean environment. Ledman`s COB products from here naturally absorb its essence.

Intelligent production---Strength online

The production workshop of COB products, high-tech intelligent production line and high-end intelligent robotic arm are online at the same time to ensure efficiency and product quality.

Solid crystal, wire bonding, repair, sealing, and IC. The most advanced automatic optoelectronic manufacturing equipment is used in all aspects of COB production. After 68 process steps, the finished product has no manual intervention, and the automatic flow production line is highly automated.

Some visitors once laughed and said: How did you see a few employees in your workshop! This is the intelligent production line, which not only improves production efficiency, but also yields higher.

There are too many unit boards, and employees are easy to get ash. How to ensure the quality and efficiency of the products?

Don't worry, this is not a problem, we will work with a highly accurate robotic arm! Before the aging process, each unit board is mounted on the aging device by the robot arm, and the uniform speed and high efficiency is a good helper!

Craftsmanship & High quality and reliability

All the processes in the COB production process are set up with the first piece of production quality. There are eight automatic equipment inspection procedures in the process, and the layers are checked to prevent adverse outflows. The detection and monitoring of key quality control points in each process ensures reliable quality.

After testing and artificial aging aspects of unit boards, then we will also install lights self-test before packing delivery to your hands.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and innovation is the foundation of a company's foothold and development.

Ledman's 14-year high quality guarantees intelligent quality, and its COB products will inherit the fine tradition of Ledman's high quality. We will continue to explore the past in the age of “Great Wisdom Clouds”, and the products and quality will not be missed.

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