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The Ledman COB is coming to the era of smart parking

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Recently, Ledman COB display was successfully installed and put into use in the Smart Parking Monitoring Center of Shanghai Fengxian Parking Industry Development Co., Ltd.

It is part of Shanghai Fengxian transport energy (Group) Co., Ltd.At present, it is responsible for the management of road parking areas in Fengxian district, the construction of intelligent parking information platform, the implementation of different time sharing plansand the mining of parking resources.

As we all konw, the problem of “difficult parking” has long been a common problem in big cities, and it has had a major impact on traffic order and social life. Since 2015, a number of guidance documents for urban parking implementation have been issued from the national ministries to the localities to alleviate the difficulty of parking. In this background, the smart parking is born. Shanghai Fengxian District Smart Parking System is one of the government's top ten key projects in the construction of smart cities in Fengxian District from 2017 to 2019, and it is identified as one of the most intelligent city construction projects. Ledman COB display installed in the monitoring hall of Shanghai Fengxian Parking Industry Development Co., Ltd., such as the Eye of Wisdom, controls the parking environment of Fengxian District, and performs real-time static monitoring, remote management and scheduling of parking in the area.

Ledman COB display panel with higher density and environmentally friendly design, 16:9 perfect stitching,Ledman COB display productsoffer high protection (anti-shock, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, front-waterproof), high reliability (failure rate <10PPM ) lowest out-of-the-box dead rate,better picture quality. At the same time, due to the original optical lens of COB products, it effectively relieves the graininess and makes the viewing experience of the staff more comfortable.

Following the successful installation of the Ledman COB display by Shanghai Jiushi Public Transportation Group Co., Ltd. Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fengxian Parking Industry Development Co., Ltd. jointly created a smart parking system to solve the problem of parking. The arrival of smart city makes Lehman's COB reach a higher status in the future

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