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LEDMAN COB display products in Tsinghua University

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On December 27, 2018, LEDMAN Optoelectronic Co, Ltd won the bid of "Tsinghua University splicing large screen and management control system procurement project" with its own independent intellectual property COB HD displays products. Total bid winning amount: 6,981,700 yuan (RMB). The project is located in the security operation monitoring hall of Tsinghua University. It is mainly used for control and management of the safe operation center, and it also provides a unified large-screen display and management control platform for the overall network security situation perception, big data security monitoring, and information security integrated command platform in safe operation. LEDMAN COB display with its great feature of operational stability, anti-collision, and environmental adaptation made it stand out from other competitors. And the pixel pitch of the winning product is Pixel Pitch1.2mm COB HD display panel. 

Based on 14 years of LED advanced packaging experience, 13 years of high-end display screen research and development experience and 4 years of COB technology research and development accumulation. LEDMAN launched newest COB display panel in March 2018 with its own patents. LEDMAN has quickly realized mass production of M1.9\M1.5\M1.2\M0.9 models in the same month. At present, the technical level is in the leading position in the industry. 


Since the launch of LEDMAN COB HD display products, it has successfully used in various places domestic and overseas. Its high protection performance(anti-shock,anti-collision, dustproof, front waterproof ) and high reliability(extremely low malfunction rate, long service time) have been widely verified and recognized. At the meanwhile, it adopted core self - centered integrated packaging technology and image control technology. By which realized high definition, high color saturation and full HD resolution; 160-degree perspective, larger image coverage area, wider visual area; and with its unique optical lens design, the display can effectively alleviate particle sensation and filter the blue ray, effectively prevent visual fatigue and extend watch time.

COB display technology is currently the best technology and commercial solution for P2mm to p0.5mm LED screen. It can be widely applied in the monitoring center, command center, conference display, commercial display, and many other large screen HD display areas. And we believe it will gradually expand the market share, become the mainstream of fine pitch HD display technology, promote the rapid development of LED HD display field.  

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