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Vision of COB development from CES 2019

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 Jan.8th 2019. CES has sucessfully kicked off in Las Vegas, USA, ushered in the global annual high-tech feast.After the giant 146- inch MicroLed TV called “The Wall” last yearagain,Samsung unveiled two new MicroLED products this year,one 4k 75-inch MicroLED TV and one 219-inch MicroLED TV.


  Samsung 75"MicroLED TV


Samsung 219"MicroLED TV

Apart from MicroLED TVSamsung  also unveiled the largest so far 98-inch QLED 8K TV,while LG lauched 88-inch 8K OLED TVZ9, SONY unveiled its 88-inch 8K OLED TV Z9Gand Sharp presented a full set of 8K solutions from shooting, production to broadcasting based on its business vision of " changing the world with 8K and a lot". The era of the big screen and the 8K has quietly arrived  
   With the screen sizes gets larger and larger from 60 ", 70 ", 80 ", 90 "to 100", 146 ", 219", and pixels range gets greater and greater from 2K, 4K to 8K,the exploration for bigger screens and higher pixels seems never-ending.

Different companies have also come up with different technological solutions for bigger screens and higher pixelsSuch as LCD, OLED, MicroLED, etc.With the development of display technology to 8K UHD,which normally request the display size over than 100-inch,and MicroLED display technology is probably the most feasible and unique solution at present.This is also the main reason why samsung intends to occupy the technical high point in the next generation of display technology and spare no effort to invest in the research and development of MicroLED display technology. 
    The COB flip chip encapsulation technoloy is the key of MicroLED display.At present,the solution of MicroLED display that over 100-inch is going to take COB flip chip technology and abandon SMD technology gradually due to its low reliability and low protection.Now Samsung and other international display counterparts have put a massive investment in accordance with the path of COB. The 75-inch, 146-inch and 219-inch microLED displays at CES are all integrated packaged based on the COB flip chip process.


   In China, as a similar technology to Samsung MicroLED,LEDMAN COB has played an important role in the next generation of display technology and it will closely follow the world LED micro-display trend and be committed to the LED micro-display industry technology development.


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