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ISE 2019 Show in Netherlands | Ledman celebrated the Spring Festival with COB product

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 On February 5-8, 2019, during the Chinese traditional Spring Festival, Ledman brought a new generation of COB high-definition fine pitch display panels to the ISE exhibition.We sent Chinese New Year greetings to overseas customers.


  The ISE show in the Netherlands is the European professional audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition. It has held the most successful audio-visual and system integration exhibition in Europe so far, and it is also the world's largest audience of professional audio-visual exhibitions. It is reported that more than 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries participated in the exhibition. 


  At this ISE exhibition, Ledman exhibited a variety of popular Led display product including fine pixel pitch 4K COB HD display, 16:9 rental/fixed display-D2, indoor/outdoor fixed display-E2/N6 and Dpro. Among them, Ledman 4K COB high-definition fine pixel pitch display is favored by customers. It has higher protection performance (shockproof, anti-collision, dustproof, front waterproof), higher reliability (very low out-of-box dead rate, long MTBF), and solves the industry's pain points. With higher contrast ratio, better image quality, more flexible and faster stitching and wider environmental adaptability, nanosecond response speed, 160 degree wide viewing angle, unique filter design, soft viewing effect Widely used in various indoor displays. Ledman COB display products have been mass-produced and applied for P1.9, P1.5, P1.2,P0.9since the first release ISE 2018. There are many successful cases in overseas, which are widely used in Monitoring center, command center, conference room, commercial display and other fields.


  After a year of technical upgrades and product improvement, the first stop of Ledman COB in 2019 still came to the ISE exhibition in the Netherlands. Many professional customers came for it and conducted physical inspection and comparison verification at the Ledman booth. Even customers have specially prepared their own  videos to broadcast on the COB display, and the excellent display effect makes the guests full of praise. After that, Ledman COB products have been highly recognized and trusted by customers. Many customers purchase COB products at the exhibition site.


  On the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, Ledman COB celebrate in the windmill country.We wish you and your family a happy New Year!


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