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Ledman MicroLED COB HD display were shortlisted for the NAB SHOW 2019 outstanding products award

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  On April 11, 2019, the NAB SHOW, the most prestigious exhibition in the global electronic media industry, concluded successfully in Las Vegas. Ledman brought Fine-pitch COB, E series(Indoor Fixed Series) and N series(Outdoor Fixed Series) to bring a wonderful visual feast for the exhibitors from all over the world. Ledman photoelectric large-size COB P1.5 HD display was shortlisted for NAB Show Product of the Year Awards for its excellent display effect and high reliability.


  The NAB Show is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the international electronic media industry. It is the largest radio and television exhibition in North America and one of the most famous and influential radio and television exhibitions in the world. Organized by the association of broadcast and television equipment manufacturers, the fair attracts more than 1,800 exhibitors and more than 102,000 industry visitors annually from 166 countries around the world.


Ledman MicroLED COB HD display products shine

  The COB MicroLED display exhibited by ledman photoelectric include P1.5, P1.2, P0.9 and other products with different intervals, which are very exciting.


  Ledman COB P1.5 products for NAB annual award for the best products, ledman COB P1.5 product area was 20.79 ㎡, the display effect obtained on-site customer thumb up. Some customers have visited our booth many times, just to appreciate this 4K COB P1.5 product.


  The Ledman COB MR1.5 product on display was a rental product. It is worth mentioning that it was shipped to USA customers in August 2018 and was used for daily rental service. By the end of the day, From China to the USA and in the USA, after repeated disassembly and transportation, service for nearly eight months, there has not been a dead light, achieved zero maintenance, praised by customers.

  Ledman COB P0.9 HD display, but also a number of technical optimization, and for the power consumption, the design of the common cathode compared with the common anode products, can reduce the power consumption by 30%. At the same time, in order to improve the viewing effect of customers, the lens design and surface treatment technology of COB P0.9 product were optimized. The plane lens design was adopted to improve the color consistency of white balance and greatly improve the color consistency.

The football strike test is super stable

  The exhibition site attracts customers from all over the world to visit, communicate and test the COB every day. Customers are invited to participate in the interactive test -- football hit COB display screen. Football hit the screen again and again, and all kinds of touch, beat, scratch, hit, knock, ledman COB series products are not adverse reactions, reflecting its strong stability and reliability.


  Throughout the exhibition, Ledman COB MicroLED HD display are very popular and highly recognized by customers. During the four-day exhibition, many customers place orders directly on site. 

  Ledman is a technology-oriented company, this time through the NAB SHOW presents high-quality COB MicroLED HD display products and demonstrates strong innovation capabilities.

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