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Ledman LED Perimeter Series Display shinning in the Africa Cup

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  22th. June Local time , biennial football tournament----Africa Cup of Nations refer to “Africa Cup”, will officially kick off in Egypt. As the LED perimeter screen supplier and system solution provider ,Ledman and its LED perimeter screen has been introduced to the world along with football match, shining in various stadiums .


  Africa Cup was held by African Football Association, which was the highest level of national team competition in the African continent. 2019 Africa cup originally planned to take place in Cameroon ,due to serious delay with its preparation and security concerns ,after discussion and voting by the organizing committee , Egypt finally replaced Cameroon as host of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations .

  The 5 venues for the new-look 24 teams tournament were decided by the Egypt Football Association(EFA) , beside Cairo International Stadium existing LED perimeter screen , other 4 stadiums were all new which had been supplied by Ledman, including Alexandria stadium, Ismailia stadium , Suez stadium and Al-salam stadium , total screen area over 900sqm ; This big project used Ledman LM-P10 product , which met the UEFA standards and highly qualified for different tournament all around the world .


  LM-P10 used high refresh IC , which enable its well picture performance and stability while no ghost line even under the professional camera ,completely meet the demand of live feed; In the screen structure design , LM-P10 also showed its safety , convenience and uniqueness. Soft led mask, protection synthetic cotton pad in the top , independent standing structure, emergency door with fast open design, all above can fully safeguard player during the match;Unique screen panels lock help on-site engineer a fast installation and disassembling; independent water-proof led module and fanless design , more stronger and stable , suitable for all kinds of stadiums .


  Since Its successfully entered Ligue 1 France in 2010, Ledman perimeter screen had participated various football tournaments all around the world during the past 10years .From China Super League, China A League, China B League to Australia Super League, Africa Cup and so on , Ledman greatly showcased its strength to the world .   

  So far , Ledman LED products had been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, thanks to the experience of LED product production and service for the football stadium , also with its great understanding of operation of football club and professional football tournament , We are confidence to supply highly qualified solution and service to Africa Cup and any international football tournament .

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