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What Is Special About Newly Released Ledman Micro LED Displays Among P0.6 Products?

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  Recently, leading LED display enterprises have successively released new products with finer pitches, reduced from 0.9 mm to 0.6 mm. The products have raised considerable concern in the industry.

  Ledman's new generation of COB technology-based 0.6mm-pitch ultra HD Micro LED displays made the world debut at the ISE exhibition on February 11. This release marks that Ledman has once again taken the lead in the field of ultra HD Micro LED displays after releasing its 324-inch ultra HD 8K Micro LED displays in July 2019.

  Then, what are the differences between the 0.6mm-pitch Micro LED display released this time and the 324-inch ultra HD 8K Micro LED display released by Ledman last year? Any outstanding advantages over its peer products in the industry? How about the price?


  Let's start with the first question. What are the differences between the 0.6mm-pitch Micro LED display released this time and the 324-inch ultra HD 8K Micro LED display released by Ledman last year?
  1. The pixel pitch is smaller. The new product has a pixel pitch of 0.6 mm, compared with the 0.9 mm of the 324-inch ultra HD 8K Micro LED display released last year.
  2. The technology is more cutting-edge. The new-generation technology uses micron-level full-flip LED chips. Ledman has developed a full set of new flip COB technologies, including micro-level LED chip transfer technology, LED chip and substrate bonding technology, and micro-pitch micro-level LED chip repair technology, COB sealing technology, module ink color consistency technology, correction technology, micro-pitch seamless splicing technology, efficient heat dissipation technology, and mass production process and technology for new products.
  3. The application scenarios are more diversified. The 8K screen is 324 inches when the pixel pitch is 0.9 mm, and this screen can be reduced to 216 inches when the pitch is 0.6 mm, which means that this product can be used in more indoor scenarios. As a whole, this product can realize an ultra HD large display wall ranging from tens of square meters to several hundred square meters. As a smart display terminal, it is widely used in various command centers, data centers, studio centers, conference centers, business centers, home theaters, etc. If used with 5G applications, immersive remote video conferencing is an important application direction for this product.


  Let's learn about the outstanding advantages of the 0.6mm-pitch product released by Ledman.

  From the perspective of industries, some technologies are implemented based on four-in-one SMD technology. Samsung and Sony products are based on COB technology, so is the Ledman product. However, the COB-based integrated packaging and display technology has higher technical and capital requirements, which makes it more valuable. Even Ledman has spent 15 years accumulating advanced packaging technology and 300 patents and 5 years developing the product.

  It is reported that up to now, Ledman has developed a full range of ultra HD Micro LED displays, including 1.9 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 0.9 mm and 0.6 mm series. Four of the series have achieved large-scale mass production. The newly released 0.6mm-pitch Micro LED displays have completed small-scale trial production, and the new product technologies and production processes are maturing and can be used for mass production. The new products can be launched in a timely manner based on market demand.

  Let's come to the price that everyone is concerned about.

  The pixel density of 0.6mm-pitch products is 4 times that of 1.2mm-pitch products and 10 times that of 1.9mm-pitch products. Higher prices are rewarded with higher-definition experience. According to Ledman insiders, the 108-inch 0.6mm-pitch 4K product will be sold at 1.98 million yuan, compared with 7.88 million yuan of the 216-inch 8K product. The price will be more wallet-friendly as the product is put into mass production.

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