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Ledman Studio | Ledman LEDHUB Live Distance Class Highlights Review

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  When "less gathering" becomes the theme of our life in the wake of epidemic prevention and control, teleconferencing is of great significance for efficient work.

  Ledman shared the functions and operations of Ledman LEDHUB, a powerful teleconferencing tool, in a special live broadcast to fully present this highly integrated smart conference system for the customers and friends at 11 a.m. on March 5.

  Ledman produced two advertising videos for its new 8K resolution displays last year. From the beginning of today's distance class, everyone approaches Ledman through its corporate video and has a deeper understanding of its corporate culture and products.


  The distance class is divided into three sessions.

  Product Promotion

  Ledman Smart Conference System LEDHUB, designed in the All-In-One manner, has obtained the Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration by virtue of its self-developed "Ledman Smart Conference Interactive System Software V1.0".

  Ledman LEDHUB integrates the Android system, OPS computer, multi-touch screen, video switcher, transmitter, and professional audio system. It has powerful performance:

  No need for complicated peripherals or wiring.

  Integrates 10 touch functions, which support touching, display and remote interactions.

  Provides four major functions of writing, browsing, sharing, and collaboration, respectively corresponding to four major applications, that is, touch whiteboard, file management, wireless screen projection, and teleconferencing.

  Provides smooth writing and erasing, convenient saving, QR code scanning and sharing, document playback and presentation, wireless screen projection, full-channel annotation, cloud video conference system, providing efficient teleconferencing experience for users.

  Operation Demonstration

  Seeing is believing.

  All functions of Ledman LEDHUB become vivid through the detailed operation demonstration of touch whiteboard, file management, wireless screen projection, teleconferencing, and small practical tools, as well as the preceding product promotion.


  Interactive Q&A

  In the live interactive area, Ledman staff answers questions in real time on various issues concerned by customers.

  In the final Q&A session, Director Wan Lei answers customers’ questions about Ledman LEDHUB protection, system adaptability and prices in detail.

So far, the first Ledman LEDHUB distance class has come to an end after nearly an hour.

  Ledman has actively responded to government requirements, strictly conducted epidemic prevention and control, and donated materials, helping Wuhan and fighting against the epidemic with the greatest efforts.

  In this special period, Ledman has integrated online and offline and explored new business models, providing professional solutions and intimate after-sales services for each customer.

  Looking forward to seeing you again on the screen!

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