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Ledman’s 4K Micro LED UHD Display Shines in Shenzhen Industrial Museum of Shenzhen Civil Center

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  Shenzhen Civic Center is a complex consisting of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Shenzhen People's Congress, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen Industrial Museum, Shenzhen City Hall and other multi-functional buildings. It is the administrative center of Shenzhen and the main office of the municipal government, as well as a place for recreational activities of the citizens of Shenzhen. Because of its shape of roc wings, it is the most iconic building in Shenzhen, a city known as “Roc City”.

  At the beginning of April, Shenzhen Industrial Museum (located on the 2nd-10th floor of the Huangta building in Shenzhen Civic Center), a popular "industrial tourism destination" in Shenzhen, was open to the public again.

  Shenzhen, the city with the most complete robotics industry chain in the world, has given birth to a lot of world-class unicorn enterprises. Chips, cloud computing, big data, UHD display, 5G and other related industries jointly create a powerful AI ecology. On the fourth floor of the Shenzhen Industrial Museum, the Shenzhen Robot Industry Achievement Exhibition will showcase various business scenes of Shenzhen's manufacturing industry and intelligent upgrading with robots as the driving force, as well as various robots made by famous high-tech enterprises such as Ubtech, Tencent and DJI.

  Ledman’s 4K Micro LED UHD display, as the "face" of the Shenzhen Robot Industry Achievement Exhibition, welcomed each exhibitor with UHD collaborative AI, and start their tour in the exhibition area together with the robot “π”.


Ledman’s 4K UHD Display on the 4th floor of Shenzhen Industrial Museum

  The P0.9 4K Micro LED UHD display was illuminated at the beginning of the year. Its delicate and smooth display effects, combined with sound, light, electricity and other effects and the practicality and fun of the robot exhibition area, enable visitors to intuitively appreciate the development and vitality of the robot industry in Shenzhen. Its high reliability and outstanding display effects have won the praise of leaders, business groups and the general public who visit the museum.

  Established in 1985, Shenzhen Industrial Museum has received important guests from more than 100 countries and regions around the world over its decades of development, including 53 heads of state, 79 vice premiers or above, and more than 200 ministers or above. As the first-level foreign affairs reception institution in Shenzhen, the Museum is one of the important visiting and inspection points of the Party and state leaders and foreign dignitaries when they inspect Shenzhen. It showcases Shenzhen's industrial and economic image and industrial achievements. It is seen as a bridge between Shenzhen and the world. It undertook the organization and design of the High-Tech Fair, Industrial Expo and other exhibitions, which has played a positive role in image building, brand creation and market development of enterprises in Shenzhen.

  Ledman provides customized display solution for the Shenzhen Industrial Museum. The display, featuring high refresh rate and high contrast, shows UHD video and pictures of primary color to overwhelm the senses and show details, so as to better show the various achievements made by the Shenzhen robot industry under the guidance of national policies, and to better show the spirit of innovation of the Shenzhen people.

  The screen is made of 144 pieces of P0.9 Micro LED UHD display modules pieced together seamlessly with multi-level brightness adjustment, high resolution and high refresh rate. It can play a variety of video. The area source surface illumination ensures long-term eye protection, making the screen a part of the immersive experience for visitors.

  Ledman Micro LED UHD display also features ultra-high protection, anti-collision, anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-mold, anti-static and frontal waterproof. It allows close touch and can withstand the impact of children, soccer and other objects, and water spray. Its strong adaptability allows it to buffer all sorts of accidental damaged caused by visitors.

  Ledman’s UHD display breaks the stereotype about museum’s fixed approach to science popularization and creates an immersive and vivid experience of appreciating technology and art.

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