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Ledman COB provides model solution to display for highway information center

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  The Information Command Center of the Integrated Expressway Network of Fujian is a multi-level and multi-functional joint decision-making center for monitoring, analyzing, mining, demonstrating and reporting the comprehensive data of expressway network.

  Recently, the Ledman COB UHD display screen with an area of 81.51 square meters and a total of 50.8 million pixels has been put into use in the Center to automate and streamline the monitoring process; improve the quality of public service; make command and police dispatch more intelligent, and decision-making and management more accurate; and meet the demand of the Center for the daily management of provincial expressways, and emergency response and police dispatch. 


  Up to now, the mileage of expressways in Fujian Province has exceeded 5,100 kilometers, making the province the fourth in China where all counties have expressways. The density of road network reaches 4.1 kilometers per 100 square kilometers, making the province rank the 2nd in China and reach the level of developed countries. Road network management is difficult, so it has high demand for information visualization.


  The seamless COB UHD large display screen in the Center is made up of 392 UHD display modules that can either display separate images or integrated images to display the detailed images of roads. It has the defining characteristics of high transmission efficiency, large capacity, strong compatibility and confidentiality, safe and confidential transmission, and steady operation. At the same time, it is adapted to the intelligent monitoring platform and map system, and can display and transmit various images of on-site situations in a timely manner so as to improve the efficiency of emergency handling. The redundant backup of power supply system and signal system ensures 7/24 steady and uninterrupted operation.


  Ledman’s self-developed grayscale processing technology and image enhancement technology ensure that the image has many gradations of color, and the display is clear and smooth without smear and jam. Users can adjust the display brightness in an intelligent way to get comfortable long-term viewing experience in different light conditions.


  Ledman COB UHD display screen has high image quality, comfortable viewing experience, and steady operation. It is safe and reliable, and can fully meet the demand for monitoring and data visualization to enable the Center to improve the management, monitoring and coordination of expressway systems. 

  In the process of product design, development, acceptance and delivery, the high-quality display screen, the timely response of Ledman’s engineering and service team and the screen’s perfect display effect are highly recognized by the customer. At present, Ledman has provided several model products in the field of traffic and highway monitoring to help the transportation department keep abreast of the real-time road situation for visualized police dispatching and emergency handling.

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