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Ultimate·Breakthrough - Ledman Micro LED SuperCOB Technology News Conference Completed

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  On the afternoon of July 20, Ledman New Technology News Conference was held solemnly in the headquarters of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. At the conference with the theme of "Ultimate·Breakthrough", Ledman officially released the Ledman Micro LED SuperCOB Technology , and announced the mass production of 0.79mm and 0.63mm spacing UHD Micro LED displays using COB technology and the cutting-edge SuperCOB technology.


  Hong Zhen, Secretary General of LED Display Application Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, Prof. Sun Xiaowei and Secretary General Cao Wenping of Guangdong Micro LED Extremely Dense Pixel Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Zhao Fei, Secretary General of Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, Liang Yi, Secretary General of Shenzhen Business Display System Industry Promotion Association; Zhou Mi, Secretary General of Shenzhen LED Industry Association, Xue Zhijian, Secretary General of Shenzhen FPD Industry Association, Xie Binbin, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen 8K UHD Video Industry Cooperation Alliance, and other industry leaders gathered together to discuss technological innovation.

  This technology has also attracted many media, such as LEDinside, Gaogong LED, Hangjianet, Digital Audio Video, gdLED, Meiri LED, China Public Security, b2bdisplay, HC360.com, China Securities News, Securities Daily, and taojszb.


Speech by Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman and President of Ledman


Technical Release by Mr. Tu Menglong, Senior Director of Ledman  Technology & Research Center 

  Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman and President of Ledman , made a speech at this technology conference. Mr. Tu Menglong, Senior Director of Ledman  Technology & Research Center, introduced Ledman Micro LED SuperCOB Technology in detail: The pixel spacing of the original RGB layout is reduced by half through the layout of RGBG, and the pixel resolution is improved by four times theoretically by using a pixel engine algorithm matching with the RGBG layout. The resolution of Micro LED display is greatly improved without significant increase in cost through the organic integration of the hardware layout of LED chips and software algorithm.


  After the release, chairman Martin Lee presented a live demo of Ledman P0.6 4K Micro LED UHD display using SuperCOB technology, the experts and industry media watched 4K films and felt the leap of UHD display quality brought by Micro LED SuperCOB Display Technology. They also approached and touched the display and discussed it.


Speech by Hong Zhen, Secretary General of Display Application Branch of China Optics Association

  Hong Zhen, Secretary General of Display Application Branch of China Optics Association, said that as a technology leader of LED industry, Ledman has always been leading in the field of COB display technology and is continuously innovating. The Micro LED SuperCOB Technology released by Ledman in the conference is not only a kind of hardware and software innovation, but also a system innovation and integration innovation. He fully affirmed and appreciated the technological progress and leadership of Ledman.


Speech by Prof. Sun Xiaowei of Guangdong Micro LED Extremely Dense Pixel Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

  Prof. Sun Xiaowei, Chairman of Guangdong Micro LED Extremely Dense Pixel Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and Director of Electronic and Electrical Department of South University of Science and Technology, commented that the application of this SuperCOB technology of Ledman in Micro LED field is the world first, leads the industry for at least two years, and will play a important role in promoting the long-term development of the whole Micro LED display industry.


  In the interactive Q&A session, Chairman Martin Lee and Director Tu Menglong answered the questions about the commercial progress, feasibility of cinema application, industrial chain integration and advantages of Ledman COB UHD display series products.


Watching Ledman 324" 8K Micro LED UHD display

  Later, the group visited the exhibition hall of Ledman, observed the application of UHD display products of Ledman COB technology in conference rooms, intelligent monitoring center and other scenarios, praised the display effect of 324" 8K Micro LED UHD display, and fully communicated and understood its application in monitoring, commercial display, situation map and other scenarios.


Expert and media group experience welcome signature and taking away by scanning

  The staff of Ledman demonstrated the 138" Ledman LEDHUB Intelligent Conference System: with an interactive and touchable COB UHD display panel, which integrates a dual system of WINDOWS and Android, a 4K UHD distortionless wide-angle camera and a stereo high fidelity acoustics; it has four major functions of writing, browsing, sharing and collaboration, as well as some small special functions such as small touch and large display.


  July 21 is the 16th anniversary of the founding of Ledman. Ledman took this new technology conference as a gift to all Ledman employees for their 16 years of striving. With 16 years of packaging experience, 15 years of display manufacturing experience and 6 years of Micro LED R&D experience, Ledman has accumulated more than 300 independent patents, and is constantly pursuing the ultimate display. So far, the Micro LED UHD displays with all of 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm point spacing of Ledman achieved mass production.

  In the future, Ledman will continue to brave winds and waves, actively set the layout of large-scale professional and commercial display, and high-end conference display market, and bring better quality products and more professional services to customers.

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