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Ledman: Accelerates the Micro LED Video Conferencing Market via COB Technology Innovation

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  The video conferencing market is developing rapidly after the epidemic outbreak. How should LED manufacturers grasp the opportunity under this context?

  Ledman has launched COB-based UHD Micro LED displays on top of the 100-inch or above LED conference display market, and facilitated their popularization in the market by resolving industry problems through technological innovation.

  Mr. Martin Lee, Ledman Chairman and President, delivered a speech entitled "Applications of New Micro LED Technology in the UHD Conference Field" at the 2020 TrendForce New Display Industry Seminar jointly organized by TrendForce's LEDinside, WitsView and ISLE on August 31.


Mr. Martin Lee, Ledman Chairman and President

Targeting the 100-inch or above LED conference display market

  According to data released by third-party organizations, there are 75 million conference rooms in the world and 20 million conference rooms in China. Based on the market size, the conferencing market is worth the attention of the display industry.

  The epidemic causes a sharp increase in the shipments in the global conferencing market. As a result, the conference display segment is increasingly favored by the market. Mr. Martin Lee believes that this trend will continue after epidemic prevention and control are normalized.

  In addition, Mr. Martin Lee pointed out that COB-based Micro LED products will become a primary trend in the industry.

  As a cost-effective solution, projection displays have long occupied the mainstream conference display market. All-in-one LCDs of less than 100 inches are popular in non-large conference rooms, due to human-computer interaction, handwriting touch, and other functions.

  Mr. Martin Lee said that conference room products based on LCD flat panel displays have been developing well in the market, and many companies have been actively cultivating the market.

  However, LCD panels are basically smaller than 100 inches. If the size exceeds 100 inches, it is difficult to transport LCD panels into the home. In contrast, the splicing LED has significant advantages. As technology evolves, the LED screen has smaller pixel pitch, which provides better visual experience.

  Based on the comparative advantages of LED applications in large and medium-sized conferencing market, Ledman has focused on this market and launched UHD Micro LED displays.

What are the advantages of COB-based LED solutions?

  LED solutions include COB-based Micro LED displays and fine-pitch LED displays of SMD discrete devices.

  As a second-generation display technology, SMD displays have poor reliability and cannot achieve human-computer interaction touch. By contrast, COB-based Micro LED displays have ultra-high reliability and fee maintenance during the life cycle, and can achieve human-computer interaction touch. Moreover, Micro LED displays feature high-quality display effect and comfortable viewing.

  Mr. Martin Lee introduced that the COB technology, which has emerged in recent years, can reduce the pixel pitch. As the COB technology improves, the pitch will drop below 1 mm. The 0.9 mm and 0.7 mm products have appeared.

  SMD-based LED displays cannot realize a flat light source. By contrast, COB-based LED display can realize a flat light source and greatly improve external force protection and static electricity protection and other performance because all chips are sealed in a gel with a certain thickness.

  Mr. Martin Lee stressed that the flat light source facilitates touch control, which will also be very important in the future conference display field.

  Since Ledman started to mass-produce COB display panels two years ago, its market share has stayed ahead. According to reports, COB-based panels have many advantages. In terms of refresh rate, the panels respond faster. In the presence of ambient light, the panels reflect the brightness advantage. "Our COB panels can be matted to minimize reflections."

  In terms of contrast, LEDs have a very high contrast as self-luminous light sources. Moreover, they provide highly uniform brightness and chromaticity by using the systematic correction algorithm.

  At present, Ledman is the only company with COB technology mass production capability among China-listed LED display companies. Therefore, it has attracted much attention in the LED fine-pitch display industry.

  How to speed up the market with technological innovation?

  How to accelerate the market after launching COB-based UHD Micro LED displays? Mr. Martin Lee first shared view on a series of challenges facing the industry.

  Mr. Martin Lee introduced the flip chip obstacles encountered in the industry. For example, a 3m high conference room often uses three sizes of displays, namely, 113 inches, 138 inches, and 165 inches. The pixel pitch must be 0.7 mm for a 138-inch all-in-one conference machine to realize the 4K display quality. In this case, the flip chip is needed.

  Mr. Martin Lee said bluntly: "At present, the flip chip-related technology is still being improved. Therefore, it is still difficult to mass-produce 0.7mm pitch products."

  However, Ledman is accelerating the commercial implementation of UHD displays within the scope of its ability, mainly through technological innovation.

  With the advent of the 5G era, 4K and 8K film sources will become popular. The UHD content will inevitably call for UHD screens. The price of LED displays is basically linear with the number of pixels. How to improve the image quality to 4K and 8K without substantially increasing the cost has become a concern in the industry.

  Under this context, Ledman Light Band released SuperCOB technology. According to Mr. Martin Lee, Ledman's newly launched and mass-produced P0.79 and P0.63 UHD Micro LED displays use the SuperCOB technology, which combines RGBG chip arrangement and pixel engine algorithms. This technology reduces the technical difficulty of achieving a smaller pixel pitch and provides a cost-effective 4K screen without much cost increase.

  In the next three years, Ledman will apply SuperCOB technology to conference display systems and home theaters.

  Currently, LED direct displays are mainly used in the B-end market. The cost will be a big concern if they are launched in the consumer market. Mr. Martin Lee said: "This SuperCOB  technology will also greatly promote the popularization of Micro LEDs below 1.0 mm in all walks of life."

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