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Mr. Martin Lee: Ultra-Large UHD LED Display Technologies and Business Future

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  The 2020 High-Tech LED Annual Conference with the theme of "Displays Achieving Great Success, Lighting Seeking Opportunities Everywhere" was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen Airport from December 14th to 15th.

  As an annual event in the LED industry, this annual conference has won strong support from more than 40 units including the LED industry chain, flat panel display enterprises, and LED industry associations. Nearly 1,000 industry insiders signed up for the conference, which attracted a large number of participants on the scene.

  Ledman Chairman Mr. Martin Lee delivered a keynote speech entitled Ultra-Large UHD LED Display Technology and Business Future at the Ledman-titled special session of display products and applications. Mr. Martin Lee said that Samsung's recent launch of 110-inch 4K Micro LED TVs is a big wind vane for the LED display industry. Therefore, Mr. Martin Lee would like to share the opportunities and development of LED displays in the ultra-large UHD display industry with the participants.


Ledman Chairman Mr. Martin Lee

  From the policy perspective, the UHD Video Industry Development Plan (2019-2022) clearly promotes the development of the 8K UHD video industry, including core components, core layers, service layers, and application layers. Terminal presentation equipment covers TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and AR/VR. Mr. Martin Lee pointed out that the LED displays will play an important role in the field of ultra-large UHD displays of more than 100 inches.

  According to Mr. Martin Lee, the 8K UHD video technology has requirements in six dimensions: color depth, color gamut, sound, frame rate, dynamic range and resolution. The 8K UHD will have increasingly high requirements for various parameters.


  However, viewers could not clearly distinguish between 4K video and 8K video in the past. The influencing factors included screen size, viewing distance, and video resolution. Mr. Martin Lee said, "In home theater mode, the 4K/8K UHD video has the best immersion when viewed at 40 degrees. Due to the small size of below 100 inches, the traditional display has a short best viewing distance, with an unpleasant experience. The ultra-large display of more than 100 inches enhances the customer experience."

  Currently, the ultra-large display over 100 inches mainly uses the laser projection technology, SMD small-pitch display technology, Mini LED four-in-one small-pitch display technology, and Micro LED display based on COB integrated packaging technology.

  According to Mr. Martin Lee, compared with self-luminous LEDs, the laser projection technology is passive luminescence, with low brightness, contrast, and color gamut, but high cost efficiency. The LED technology, as an important solution for ultra-large displays, features high brightness, color gamut, and contrast, and low power consumption. The SMD small-pitch display technology achieves P1.0-P2.5, while the Mini LED four-in-one small-pitch display technology achieves P0.6-P2.5. However, they have low display reliability compared with the Micro LED using the COB integrated packaging technology.

  To sum up, the Micro LED display using the COB integrated packaging technology has the advantages of high contrast, wide color gamut, nanosecond response, high viewing angle, unlimited size expansion, 1500PPI or more, and high reliability.

  Mr. Martin Lee said, "The Micro LED display covers all the advantages of new displays." In the history of display technology development, every change is moving in a larger, clearer and more realistic direction. Now it has gradually entered the era of Micro LEDs.

  Ledman is the first enterprise to mass-produce Micro LED displays based on the COB integrated packaging technology. It has long judged that Micro LED has two major application directions, that is, large size of 100 inches or more in the market, and small size of a few inches or less. As for new high-tech displays, Ledman has launched and mass-produced a full portfolio of ultra-large UHD Micro LED displays of  0.9 mm, 0.7mm, and 0.6 mm. Meanwhile.

  Mr. Martin Lee pointed out, "In the macro environment of the new digital infrastructure, the UHD display industry has ushered in new opportunities. The 4K and 8K UHD displays are needed for 5G base station construction, UHV, high-speed rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, industrial internet, and artificial intelligence, which will bring more business opportunities to the LED display industry."

  According to Mr. Martin Lee, ultra-large UHD Micro LED displays have a wide range of application scenarios, such as conference rooms, command and monitoring centers, data centers, studio centers, business centers, exhibition halls, and private theaters. Among these applications, the command and monitoring center needs to switch between a lot of small images while ensuring their clarity, which has high display requirements.

  At the end of the speech, Mr. Martin Lee said, "Ledman is committed to UHD LED displays and is willing to explore this field full of potential and huge market scale along with friends in the industry."

  It is worth noting that at the 2020 High-Tech LED Annual Conference, Ledman released Ledman 165-inch LEDHUB intelligent conference system. Wan Lei, Director of Ledman Commercial Display R&D Department, introduced this new product to the guests in detail.


Wan Lei, Director of Ledman Commercial Display R&D Department

  Wan Lei said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia pandemic has changed the way people live and work. The rising demand for online office and video conference has pushed China's conference market into the era of intelligence, which promotes the rapid development of large and intelligent all-in-one UHD LEDs. According to research institutions, 1,676 all-in-one LEDs have been sold in the first three quarters of this year, with sales exceeding 600 million yuan. The 138-inch and 165-inch LEDs are most popular for large and medium-sized conference rooms.

  Ledman has been committed to the LED display industry for 16 years. Its LED display solutions are widely used in many countries and regions. The rich R&D and manufacturing experience enables Ledman to grasp customer demand and market trends, including the conference market.

  According to Wan Lei, Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference systems are dedicated for conferences, and their 110-inch, 138-inch, 165-inch and other specifications meet the requirements of various spaces. For example, the 165-inch new product is 3.65 meters long and 2.05 meters wide, suitable for venues with more than 40 people and more than 80 square meters.

  "Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system integrates six major conference facilities, including projector, electronic whiteboard, high-definition cinema, computer, video conference, and mobile phone," Wan Lei said. It is a highly integrated product, and covers the advantages of writing whiteboards, wireless projection screens, 4K video conferencing, remote collaboration, COB LED panels, 10-point high-precision touch screens, intelligent dual systems. Moreover, voting devices, timers, VIP welcomes, conference reservations, and other features help users achieve efficient conferences.

  Wan Lei also introduced that Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system has core advantages such as COB UHD display panel, brilliant display, image quality engine, intelligent dual system, and small-touch large display. Based on Ledman's self-developed patented algorithm and original screen zoom technology, the small-touch large display can zoom out to a small screen for writing and interaction through multi-finger gestures, and zoom in to the full screen, which eliminates the conventional large display's disadvantage of inconvenient operations for being out of the touch range.

  "Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system has diverse and powerful functions, among which the small-touch large display, color space management, timer, voting device, and laser digital pen are innovations made by Ledman," said Wan Lei. This system's cutting edge is its powerful performance. The application scenarios cover office conferences, smart government affairs, exhibitions, media classrooms, and interactive marketing.

  According to Wan Lei, Ledman is promoting investment for the full portfolio of LEDHUB intelligent conference system products, in a move to join hands with more partners to open up the conference market.

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