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Ledman COB HD Display Serving as the “Face” of a Well-known Japanese Corporation

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  At the end of 2019, Ledman customized a COB HD display solution for the entrance hall of a well-known Japanese company. This COB HD display about 20 meters long with a resolution as high as 15360*1728 stretches for 55 square meters. It’s mainly used for video play, publicity and product display. With gorgeous picture quality and flowing lighting effect, it greets each visitor to the company.
  Why has this Japanese corporation chosen Ledman’s COB HD display to greet the visitors?

Ultra-high Reliability


  Supported by advanced integrated packaging technology, Ledman’s COB HD display needs no lamp mounting by reflow welding. There is no more gap between the bead bracket and epoxy resin caused by high-temperature welding within the welder.

Ultra-strong Protection


  The surface mounting technology offers solution to lamp base exposure. Shakeproof, crash-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and static-resistant, the display can run stably in harsh environments.

  During the installation of the display, Ledman engineers demonstrated the crash resistance test for the client. The Ledman COB HD display had no undesired response towards touching, patting, scratching, hitting and knocking. Such strong stability and reliability won the recognition of the client.

Ultra-HD Display


Gorgeous Display Effect of Ledman COB HD Display

  The modules are seamlessly spliced to extend the ratio and size of Ledman COB HD display. The amazing display effect presents the extraordinary beauty of colors. A proper color saturation and almost-perfect HD picture gives the entrance hall a more magnanimous and technical feel.

Convenient Dis-assembly and Maintenance


Modules of Ledman COB HD Display Being Seamlessly Spliced

  During the installation of Ledman COB HD display, Ledman engineers ingeniously resolved the problem of uneven side steel structure of the screen by splicing of housing and modules. The “seamless” display presents an immersive experience and a fabulous look. The perfect combination of technology and workmanship makes the display an artwork.

  Ledman COB HD display showcases remarkable strengths in splicing, color reduction, luminance adaptation, perspective, contrast ratio, service life and maintenance. After the comprehensive consideration of the Japanese client, Ledman won its favor for compliance with high requirements. It’s a recognition of Ledman products and strengths, and a manifestation of Ledman’s international influence.

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