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Double conference room with double-linked screen | Ledman make its COB debut in Japan game company

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  Ledman opens the door of cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises in UHD display with professional aerospace quality after Ledman created an UHD display solution for Japanese famous enterprises in October 2019.

  During this cooperation, the team of Ledman provided Japanese game companies with a customized COB UHD display as a solution, which is double conference room  with double-linked screen, featured by independent use and interaction through splicer, creativity and practicability.

Double conference room with double-linked screen 

TODAY 1.jpg

One of double-linked screen, COB UHD display from Ledman

TODAY 2.jpg

The other one of double-linked screen, COB UHD display from Ledman

  The two conference rooms of the company are equipped with Ledman COB UHD screen, with a partition door in the middle of the two conference rooms, which can be used to unfold or fold, so as to create the effect of two display screens in two conference rooms and one large conference room with two screens. The resolutions of the two displays are 4608 * 1296 and 2688 * 1512 respectively. The display screen is often required by game companies for game testing, mobile game transmission screen, online PK, etc. The high-quality COB UHD screen from Ledman will deliver more detailed information than ordinary pictures and more dynamic and real game experience, in which the fine movements in the fast-moving make the viewer experience the visual shock.

Key advantages of COB UHD screen

  In addition to game testing, COB UHD screen also bring a smoother and more efficient way to conduct daily meetings.

  The module of Ledman UHD screen with "seamless splicing of the whole screen" makes it avoid the visual confusion caused by the splicing segmentation, no matter in the process of document display or video playback. At the same time, the effect of content display  brought by Ledman COB HD display is little affected by ambient light. It can adjust the brightness according to the change of the surrounding environment, which brings more comfortable experience to the participants who attend the meeting for a long time.

  In addition, with its Several advantages can reflect the outstanding performance of Ledman COB: It has higher protection performance (shock-proof, crash-proof, dust-proof, front water-proof), higher reliability (extremely low unpacking dead pixel rate, ultra-long trouble-free service time), higher contrast, better picture quality, more flexible and fast splicing method and wider adaptability.

  At the beginning of 2020, Ledman launched a new generation UHD Micro LED display with 0.6mm spacing based on COB technology at ISE in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, it showed the world its determination to pursue the ultimate display and its efforts to provide customers with first-class products.

  With its display effect and high reliability, Ledman's COB UHD screen has been favored by customers at home and abroad. In the future, ledman will continue to provide world-class UHD Micro LED display products for global customers, ensure the high quality of "made in China", and strive to create a new benchmark of UHD display solutions with full scene coverage and high environmental adaptability.

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