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  Recently, the largest outdoor LED screen in Zhuhai 

  Yindo Hotel outdoor LED screen built by Zhuhai Media Popular and produced by Ledman officially lit up
  Becoming the outdoor LED communication medium with the widest radiating population in the Bay Area, the largest area, the best geographical location and the strongest visual communication in Zhuhai
  Setting a new height in the value of outdoor advertising in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

The 750㎡ Outdoor LED Screen Produced by Ledman's Lit Up in Zhuhai The 750㎡ Outdoor LED Screen Produced by Ledman's Lit Up in Zhuhai

  The screen adopts Ledman N16 outdoor HB energy-saving LED screen, with an area of about 750 square meters, and the resolution of 920*3120dot. It features with ten-thousand level of brightness, high contrast, weatherproof, clear and stable display, to create stunning visual effect; loop signal design and good stability; high refresh rate and low brightness attenuation; high color reproduction, good color consistency and uniformity without modularization, to present a complete, fine, and delicate large-screen picture, fulfilling functional requirements such as advertising, urban scenic film broadcasting and video live broadcasting.

 The 750㎡ Outdoor LED Screen Produced by Ledman's Lit Up in Zhuhai

 Ledman's Zhuhai Yindo outdoor LED screen breaks through the single traditional carousel mode of outdoor LED advertising. It can tailor efficient communication strategies for all types of customers, and carry out creative carousels, creative live broadcasts, creative fixed broadcasts, and creative screen pinning through the flexible combination of multiple delivery forms. Combined with long-term and short-term delivery needs, it make the communication channels more three-dimensional, diverse and vivid, perfectly demonstrating the strength and value of Ledman.

The 750㎡ Outdoor LED Screen Produced by Ledman's Lit Up in Zhuhai

 Ledman's Yindo outdoor LED UHD screen stands at the intersection of South Yingbin Road and East Yuehai Road, the first business district of Zhuhai with a traffic flow of 100,000 per day, in the city core of Zhuhai, covering the most prosperous transportation hub in Zhuhai. Relying on a five-star hotel/Grade A office building at an altitude of 100 meters, it overlooks the Zhuhai Gongbei Port, the largest port of inbound and outbound passenger flow in China, with a radiation area of over 1 million square meters. The high altitude advantage combined with the clear and bright features of the display screen allows visitors from several kilometers away to receive the screen content clearly. After successful lighting up, Yindo LED screen will not only enhance the commercial value of the brand owner, but also become a new force for Zhuhai mainstream media to expand its communication power and influence. As a new landmark in Zhuhai, it leads the dissemination and output of urban cultural construction, public welfare propaganda, and spiritual civilization construction.

  In the future, Ledman will continue to give full play to its technology and brand advantages, empower outdoor UHD display media solutions with innovation and technology, and add wings for communication with display.