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On July 21, 2017, Ledman came to its 13th birthday. From 2004 to 2017, experienced the past thirteen seasons, we are working together, sharing the glory of trials and hardships!

At this special day, Ledman held a special birthday Party at its headquarters, All the Ledman staff got gathered in multi-function activity hall of the fifth floor for Ledman's birthday.

At 15:30 PM, the multi-function activity hall presented extremely warm and romantic after a careful decoration. Ledman people smiled and gathered together in pairs to celebrate Ledman’s birthday. Invited by the host, we talked about our stories these years with Ledman, sighed the time flew and we grew up. Some people came to Ledman after graduation and experienced many occupation developments and had a tremendous growth, some people made every important step of their life, someone just join in Ledman and have a full expectation for future……We all sent our best wish to Ledman and celebrated its birthday, wishing Ledman have a successful reform, striding forward to make the base industry ever green!

The founder of Ledman-----the CEO, Mr. Mantie Lee delivered: 13 years history, Ledman has become a listed company with considerable social influence and social responsibility. Because of Ledman, we feel honorable! Because of Ledman people, Ledman have a bright way! We have a group of Ledman people with dream, capability and ethics strive forward! Meanwhile, it’s appreciated all of you go with Ledman and share the future! Expect all of you to celebrate birthday for Ledman after 10 years, we are a big family forever!

At last, we sang a happy birthday song and shared champagne and cake to put the birthday party to the end.

Let us wish Ledman happy birthday one more time! Let’s pull together to create magnificence!

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