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1、Viewing Angle
The viewing angle of LED lamp is decisive to that of led screen. For outdoor LED screen, oval LED lamps with viewing angle H100 and V50 are most applied to. And SMD with H120 and V120 are more suitable for indoor application. Normally, round LED lamps with H30 and V30 are used in some specialty like highways. Some LED screens fixed in the fa?ade of the high building have special requirement for vertical viewing angle, but viewing angle is contrary to the brightness of led lamp. Wider viewing angle LED lamp is, less brightness it will be. Different applications ask for different viewing angle of LED lamp.
The brightness of LED lamp is the most important part of a LED screen. It will be energy saving and durable if the brightness is higher and more current allowance. There are different LED lamps with different viewing angle available. But under the certain brightness of chips, less viewing angle brings more brightness, which causes the less viewing angle of led screen. LEDMAN will help clients to strike a balance on brightness, viewing angle and pricing per the pixel pitch and viewing distance.
3、Failure Rate
Since the full-color display is configured with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of groups of RGB LED pixel, the failure of any color will affect the overall visual effect. In general, according to industry experience in LED display , the failure rate should be no higher than 0.03% when started assembling to aging 72 hours before shipments ( a failure of the LED lamp itself caused ).

4、Antistatic ability
LED is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity; static electricity can easily lead to failure, so the antistatic ability is critical to the life of the display. Generally speaking, the failure voltage of LED body static mode test should not less than 2000V.
The life of LED lamp is 100,000 hours in theory, which is much larger than that of other components. As long as the lamp quality assurance, appropriate operating current, reasonable PCB thermal design, strict production process, it will be one of the most durable machine parts.
LED lamps account for 70% of LED display in price proportion, so it can determine the quality of the LED display. China is not only the largest producer of LED devices, but also the biggest making gathering of LED display. It is a trend in the future for the demanding of Hi-tech LED display.
After working long hours the brightness of LED display declines and color inconsistencies happen , mainly due to the attenuation of the LED devices. The inconsistency of decay of Red , green and blue LED will cause the color inconsistencies of the display , that is called the phenomenon of blurred display. High quality LED device can be well controlled brightness decay. By 1000 hours at room temperature 20mA standard lighting , red attenuation should be less than 2% , blue and green decay should be less than 10%.So as not to be used 20mA current green and blue LED in the display design , it is best to use only 70% to 80 % of the rated current.
In addition to the attenuation characteristics of red, green, blue LED, the electric current , PCB board thermal design , the ambient temperature etc. matters as well.
The size of LED device impacts the display pixels or resolution. 5mm oval lamp is mainly used for over P16 outdoor display , 3mm oval lamp is mainly used for P12.5, P12, P10 outdoor display, 3528 SMD LED is mainly used for P6, P8 of the indoor display, 2020 SMD LED is mainly used for P2, P3 and other indoor display. Under the same pixel pitch, Big size of LED device will increase the display area for the reduce of grainy, but will decrease the contrast; On the contrary, for the small size, by reducing the display area, the black area is increased and the contrast is increased at the same time.
Full-color display is composed of numerous pixels of red, green and blue LED component on which consistency of brightness and wavelength determines that of the entire screen brightness, white balance, consistency, chroma. Since the LED is angled, so the full-color LED display also has a directional angle. When viewed at different angles, its brightness is incremented or decremented. Thus, the red, green and blue LED's perspective of consistency would seriously affect the consistency of white balance in different angles which result in the color fidelity of video display.

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