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Ledman COB MilliLED Display Products have been delivered in large quantities , and P0.9 will be produced at the end of the third quarter

Ledman’s P1.2、P1.5 and P1.9 COB MilliLED Display products have been delivered in large quantities at the end of May,and have been recognized by customers. The new production line at Ledman Industrial Park in the National Hi-tech Zone in Zhongkai, Huizhou, has been successfully commissioned and the good rate has been continuously improved.

COB high-definition display technology is recognized in the industry as the latest generation of LED fine pitch display technology, and Micro LED is also a COB technology and process based on different wafer sizes and different pixel pitches. Compared with SMD display technology, COB process technology combines integrated packaging and high-density display technology in a fine pitch P2.0 to P0.5 resolution range, offering natural advantages of high reliability and high protection, will become an important new force in LED fine pitch market.

Ledman Co., Ltd. has a relatively deep accumulation of core COB technologies. Most of its process technology is original and proprietary intellectual property, and currently we have dozens of proprietary productsand more than a dozen COB technology patents.

Ledman has released the industry's first COB MilliLED Display rental products

Ledman amazes the 2022 NAB SHOW with its UHD display products of excellent visual effect