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  Recently, Ledman COB UHD display was unveiled in the cultural center of Quanri Building, Kwangju, South Korea.

  Kwangju is an important cultural and artistic town in the southwest of South Korea, where numerous cultural and artistic events have been held. Brand events enjoy a high reputation, including Kwangju Art Biennial, Media Arts Festival, and Asian Cultural Forum.

Ledman COB UHD Display Unveiled in Korean Cultural Center

  The cultural center in Quanri Building, Kwangju, has a long history. It has been renovated this year to show a more modern style. Ledman 42-square-meter COB UHD display is located in the center of the stage of the cultural center, as the spotlight on the whole stage. Ledman customized UHD visual solution for cultural and sports venues achieves vivid interactions with the audience through images, audios and videos, which gives a new meaning to light and shadow.

Excellent display effect

  Ledman COB UHD display shows no pixel graininess, eliminates moire effects, restores the real world with a color gamut exceeding 110% NTSC, and easily presents 4K video images due to pixels over 4K resolution.

Ledman COB UHD Display Unveiled in Korean Cultural Center

  It wipes out the graininess of SMD small-pitch displays, obvious gaps in LCD splicing screens, and blurred imaging of projectors.

Outstanding usability

  During various events and performances, Ledman COB UHD display will be inevitably touched because it is installed in the center of the stage of the cultural center. Its excellent impact resistance performance satisfies users' anti-collision requirements. In addition, strong lights are often turned on at events and performances and may even shine on the screen. Ledman COB UHD display's anti-highlight protection ensures stable image transmission. Moreover, its outstanding waterproof and dustproof performance avoids most water and dust damage. In case of dust accumulation, just wipe with a damp cloth, which greatly facilitates screen cleaning.

Ultra-high reliability

  The activities in the cultural center are held irregularly, with intervals of more than a month sometimes. In the humid spring, LED failures often occur on small-pitch SMD displays if they are left idle for a month. However, under such harsh conditions, Ledman COB UHD display maintains a failure rate of less than 10PPM. Since its use at the end of April, Ledman COB UHD display has won unanimous praise from customers and visitors by virtue of its excellent display effect, outstanding usability, and ultra-high reliability. Ledman contributes to the construction of a vibrant artistic environment and a cultural space for Kwangju citizens.