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On May 27, the "Panda Cup" International Youth Football Championship ended in Chengdu. China U19 National Youth Team defeated Hungary 4 to 0, defeating England 1 to 0, defeating Uruguay 3 to 1 and winning the current Panda Cup three times. As the "event sponsor" of the "Panda Cup" International Youth Football Championship, Ledman Co., Ltd. provided the venue with full-color advertising display equipment an commercial editing services for the event, and helped the exploit of the event's business. It also witnessed the moment when the U19's national youth team won the championship. Ledman's LED stadium display has provided a good viewing experience for the audience of “Panda Cup” with stable quality and excellent display effect, and has helped increase the commercial value of the event.

The "Panda Cup" is a high-end international youth football tournament with great international influence and appreciation created by the Chinese Football Association, the Chengdu Municipal People's Government and the Chengdu Football Association. It aims to enhance Chengdu's international reputation and influence; create a better football atmosphere, and introduce advanced football concepts and youth training system.

Ledman is the first high-tech LED display company listed on China's A-share market (stock code: 300162). It has the long-term accumulation of patent and process engineering for LED packaging technology and LED display technology. It has successfully developed the third-generation COB small-pitch products. As the "event sponsor" of the "Panda Cup" International Youth Football Championship, the Chinese Football Association's strategic partner from 2011 to 2016 and the official sponsor of the Chinese Super League, Ledman has provided LED display equipment and services for the "Panda Cup" for five consecutive years. What’s more, Ledman witnessed the development of the "Panda Cup" event and also witnessed the growth of the China National Youth Team.

In addition, Ledman won the Chengdu City Football Association's Best Partner Award in 2016, and Ledman Co., Ltd. provides high-quality display equipment and services for major professional events including the China A, China B, and the Football Association Cup each year to help the development of Chinese football.

Ledman COB MilliLED Display Products have been delivered in large quantities , and P0.9 will be produced at the end of the third quarter

Ledman amazes the 2022 NAB SHOW with its UHD display products of excellent visual effect