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From April 23rd to 25th, a three-day audit, targeting on the Environmental & Quality Management Systems, has been exerted to eight different departments of Ledman and its Huizhou subsidiary company by the external audit expert group of CEPREI Certification Body. With active collaboration of relative departments, the rigorous scrutiny went on wheels, the outcomes of which showed that Ledman’s Environmental & Quality Management Systems were under good enough control to meet with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 standards. Meanwhile, the audit group congratulated Ledman on the success in passing the audit for certificate-change.

At the closing meeting of this audit, the expert group gave a positive affirmation to Ledman’s Environmental & Quality Management Systems. They commented that these systems had been gradually completed and steadily improved during the process of daily production and operation. Meanwhile, the group also provided some constructive advice to help to bring Ledman’s management to a higher level.

Ledman will continue to improve its Environmental & Quality Management Systems to better meet with ISO9001 & ISO14001, and make the most advantages of them, so as to raise the quality of products and services, meet customers’ need and expectation, further uplift overall level of operation and management, and ensure Ledman’s long-term, healthy and steady development.

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