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Martin Lee, the chairman of the Shenzhen Ledman optoelectronic Co., Ltd, had a commencement speech as the excellent alumnus at the South China University of Technology in June 28, 2016.

The chairman of Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd—Martin Lee’s speech is as follows:
Dear classmates and parents, teachers, good afternoon!
I can feel the smell of youth once I step in the campus. 30 years ago, I came here to study; while 30 years after that day, I am honored to get back here and make a speech.
Firstly, I want to look back what I have gone through during the past 30years. I can have the achievement now thanks to my almamater. I came in this university is in 1986, there are exactly 30 years between our first day in this school. After my graduation, I work for government. I started my own business in 1993 – a radio communication company using the knowledge learned in college. Of course, the 3-years work in government give a base support.
My first business lasts for 9 years. My second try is in 2004 and I established Ledman. As the founder and chairman of Ledman, I feel very proud.
The achievement I made about Ledman is leading by the dream in had in university, that is, pay back to your country by technology. You can see the LED displays in our ceremony are produced by us. What’s makes more proud is that the core lighting device in the very big display placed in the Tian'anmen Square in 2009 military parade. And also, our lighting device is widely used in the Great Hall of the People. Meanwhile, our products mainly are exported to foreign countries especially North America and Europe. The successful establishment of Ledman due to the knowledge I learned in my almamater and the social experience I have accelerated and my own effect and also the social development trend.
In 2011, Ledman entered into the Chinese football market. If you have interest in football, you may find the brand “Ledman” in the playground of Chinese Football Association Super League. Ledman became the official partner of Chinese super football teams such like Guangzhou EvergrandeTaobao FC and so on. In January, 2016, Ledman became the title sponsor of Portuguese professional football league (Segunda Liga). In addition, according to the develop strategy, Ledman purchased Newcastle United Jets Football Club in Australia two weeks ago, which is the first time a Chinese company completely purchase an Australian football club. Ledman is a company which not only produces products but also makes contributions to society.
I am trying to prove that all the progress I made through the years when I first came to the South China University of Technology and become a proud member of it 30 years ago are to create for our society material wealth for one thing and spiritual treasures for another. During the press release on the acquisition of Newcastle Jets in Australia, I gave a speech in English on stage and shall contribute my fairly good command of the English to the all-English teaching environment provided by our college to students who majored in Radio. I felt like I made China, South China University of Technology and myself proud by communicating in English on an international stage like this, which obtains the understanding and support of the local people.
So I’d like to share some wisdom of my life experience with my younger brothers and sisters here who are going to step into the society before long, that is, self-examination, self-discipline and self-encouragement. For self-examination, we need to consciously improve our defects because each of us has our strength and weaknesses; for self-discipline, we shall form good life, learning and working habits, learn to control our desires and plan for our future; for self-encouragement, we are to be motivated by our goal. Therefore I give these words to you because you will soon enter society with your hopes and dreams.
Having been working for over 30 years, I believe now is the best time. I found out that actually many foreigners envy us a lot after traveled many countries because of work and encountered different types of foreign friends. Even though there remain a lot of issues in China, they are trivial compared to other countries’, such as brexit and refugee problems. We should face society with optimism and complain less about too little time and opportunity since China is in its prime time for development. As an entrepreneur, I think our country has provided enterprises with so many opportunities for international development which requires more international talents. As young adults, we need to endeavor to enhance our own cultivation. I hope all students in the South China University of Technology will have a better and wider perspective about their lives.
In the end, here is a poem from Chairman Mao which contains my name to celebrate your bright future, “Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit”!I sincerely wish every graduate from the South China University of Technology have an excellent future. Thank you!

LEDMAN Chairman attended the "2016 PST Pacific (Shenzhen) Technology Development Analysis semiconductor applications Congress" and delivered

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