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After the price wars in 2015, LED industry is declining, "winters theory" lingers in our ears.For the LED display, along with the decline of the boom of the LED display market, the demand of conventional display is also shrinking.
Recently, a number of LED display listed companies released the 2016 first quarter results notice, of which most LED enterprise performance presented "pre-growth" state, only part of the enterprise appeared performance loss.
The growth of first quarter has brought invisibly a ray of light to the LED display market.
Depend on high-definition and stunning visual and large-sized seamless show effects,the market share of small pitch LED display is gradually upgrade,set a record for listed enterprises.
  In fact, the small Pitch LED display has been a focus of attention of the industry, not only becomes the important impetus to the growth of enterprise performance, and many enterprises are seeking to layout.
According to the engineering LED production and research Institute (GGII) research, only in the first half of 2015, the small pitch LED market has more than 600 million Yuan, an increase of over 50%.
While the industry overall market is growing rapidly, rookie and big brands develop their potentials, common development, but once the bottleneck is broken, each master the core technology, and ultimately translate into stable production for brand, striving to be the industry bigwigs, then, we will certainly usher in a new round of industry reshuffle.
Facing the industry reshuffle, the first time any company should make its own decision-making breakthrough.
Small pitch LED screen industry is emerging pattern, seemingly rapid growth, but in reality make waves, each brand isin the pipeline to change. LED small pitch market, there are many uncertainties; enterprises to seize the market still need to be careful.

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