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Source: International Information Display Society SID

  The China Display Industry Award (CDIA) is the awards for the best display products, display component products and display application products by SID China for the products listed in the previous year. For the prototype of innovative technology that was not mass-produced in the previous year, three categories of awards were awarded, including the best innovative display of the year, innovative display components and innovative display application technology. The CDIA is an extremely important annual award in the display industry. This award aims to recognize the outstanding display technologies and products of the previous year, demonstrate their novelty, excellence and breakthrough, and expand their influence in the display industry.

  Through a serious review of all nominated products and prototypes by a review expert group composed of technical committee members of SID Beijing Branch under a strict and fair scoring system (the review experts do not score the participating products of their current working units), online voting by SID members, and approval by the awards committee, the six SID CDIA awards were finally listed. This issue will present you the three award-winning products in the product category to understand their novelty, indicator superiority, and market acceptance.

  The SID ceremony will be held at the welcome dinner during ICDT (on the evening of October 12).

Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Best Display Product Award 2019

Gold Award winner: BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: 8-inch Flexible Foldable AMOLED

  BOE 8-inch flexible AMOLED screen has innovative applications in the display industry, giving display products unlimited imagination. BOE flexible AMOLED screen on the folding mobile phone "Phone King" Huawei Mate Xs has almost perfect expressiveness:

  (1) More than 100,000 times of folding and a dynamic bending radius of less than 5mm make the mobile phone wonderful between opening and closing;

  (2) The contrast of more than 1 million and the ultra-high color gamut of 103% NTSC make the picture richer in layering and vividness, which brings you more than a large screen, but also a real "visual" world;

  (3) Ultra-thin flexible film packaging makes the whole machine design cutting-edge and simple.

  BOE flexible AMOLED leads the next generation of display applications and creates a new era of display products.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Silver Award winner: Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: P0.9 UHD Micro LED display

  Ledman P0.9 UHD Micro LED display is a 0.9mm pixel pitch LED video wall display product based on Ledman's proprietary COB integrated packaging technology.

  It is the industry's first LED video wall solution embedded with an advanced video processing equipment, Ledman video controller. The single box has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and can be infinitely spliced. It can adapt to the signal input of 2K/4K/8K resolution based on application scenarios and requirements. The full front-end service access is designed for UHD resolution. It is an industry-leading wall-mounted seamless LED video wall solution. It provide a variety of interfaces to easily integrate with the existing actual system.

  Ledman has made breakthrough progress in P0.9 UHD Micro LED display products in their lens optical design, packaging materials, molding technology, surface treatment technology, and post-sealing repair technology. Ledman controls the incoming substrate color difference, colloid color, unit plate color difference and module color difference to ensure the consistency of the black screen color. The thin screen features high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption, wide color gamut, and wide viewing angle.

  This product has delicate and smooth display effects, with high natural color restoration. It fully meets the demand of UHD smart displays in the 5G era. It is an excellent display terminal for all sorts of commercial and dedicated video walls.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Winner of the Most Popularity Award: Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Winning product: P0.9 UHD Micro LED Display 014

2019 Best Display Component Award

Gold Award (in no particular order)

Zhejiang Sunflux Electron Co., Ltd., 8.6-generation new display magnetron sputtering coating equipment

Wuhan Jingce Electronic Group Co., Ltd., new AI-based display detection and repair integrated equipment

Shenzhen Liande Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., OLED surface automatic laminating equipment

Silver Award (in no particular order)

Chipone Technology (Beijing) Co, Ltd., Display And Touch sensing Chip (TDDI)

Lingxi AR Technology Co., Ltd., AR Optical Waveguide Display Module AW70

Bronze Award

Shenzhen Longli Technology Co., Ltd., Reverse Group Narrow Frame Double Hole Backlight

Winner of the Most Popularity Award: Shenzhen Longli Technology Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: Reverse Group Narrow Frame Double Hole Backlight.

Gold Award winner: Zhejiang Sunflux Electron Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: 8.6-generation new display magnetron sputtering coating equipment.

  PVD sputtering coating equipment is one of the core equipment for producing new display panels. At present, China has become the largest LCD TV panel manufacturing base in the world. However, new advanced display PVD equipment has been monopolized by American and Japanese companies for a long time. With the support of the "National NewFlat Panel Display R&D and Industrialization Project", Sunflux's self-designed and developed 8.6-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED sputtering coating equipment has passed project acceptance and has been successfully put into production on the client. According to the third party evaluation, the equipment's main technical specifications have reached the international advanced level, including the largest glass substrate size of 2250mm x 2600mm, film thickness uniformity ≤ 5%, material utilization ≥75%, system activation rate ≥85%, and mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥ 200 hours.

  Sunflux 8.6-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED sputtering coating equipment has an overall localization rate of more than 90%. Using the rotating cathode coating technology, this equipment features high target utilization, good magnetic field uniformity, high power and high speed coating, stable production performance, convenient operation, and low maintenance cost.

  Sunflux will continue to strengthen technology development and provide cost-effective vacuum coating equipment and solutions for customers.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Gold Award winner: Wuhan Jingce Electronic Group Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: new AI-based display detection and repair integrated equipment.

  The new AI-based display and measurement integrated equipment is an intelligent test equipment developed by Wuhan Jingce Electronic Group Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Jingce Electronic, stock code 300567.SZ). It is used for integrated measurement and display defect repair of display characteristics, display defects and appearance defects for OLED and Mini LED & Micro LED panels. The equipment detects, classifies, judges, and repairs panels by using key technologies such as the deep learning-based intelligent panel defect recognition technology and the rapid and accurate generation technology of panel defect repair strategy. It features fast defect detection, high precision, strong generalization and good robustness.

  The device uses Jingce Electronic's self-developed 20M smart camera to shoot the module test picture, and integrates image acquisition, processing and communication into a single camera, which provides multifunctional, modular, highly reliable, and easy-to-implement machine vision solutions. The FPGA-based multi-camera image acquisition system manages multiple cameras for simultaneous data acquisition and processing, optimizes the system complexity of the panel automatic detection system, and compresses the cycle time of image acquisition. It uses a CPU+GPU+FPGA star-network parallel accelerated computing system, which makes full use of the parallel processing features of GPU and FPGA and improves the overall computing capacity of the system. It builds a distributed SOC control system by using the multi-institution efficient linkage and centralized control technology of the SOC system-oriented automatic production line based on the multi-core ARM+FPGA hardware platform and optical fiber communication network. It solves the problems of low coordination of motion mechanisms and low detection efficiency.

  The products serve all domestic panel manufacturing companies, including BOE, Tianma Microelectronics, CSOT, and HKC. The application field has expanded from TFT-LCD production lines and some OLED demonstration lines to most OLED production lines in the world and Mini LED and Micro LED demonstration applications.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Gold Award winner: Shenzhen Liande Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: OLED Curved Surface Automatic Laminating Equipment.

Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

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Silver Award winner: Chipone Technology (Beijing) Co, Ltd.   

Award-winning product: Display and Touch Sensing Chip (TDDI)

  The chip is an a-Si HD display and touch sensing chip that supports a 90 Hz high frame frequency refresh rate. It increases the display refresh rate of a-Si HD from 60 Hz to 90 Hz, supports 180 Hz screen sampling rate, and supports free switching of 60 Hz/90 Hz display refresh rates.

  This chip implements a 90 Hz high frame frequency refresh rate solution based on the a-Si HD TDDI solution for smart mobile devices, bringing a smoother application experience. It increases the screen sampling rate from 120 Hz to 180 Hz to achieve a more sensitive and smooth touch experience. Through the real-time switching of 60 Hz/90 Hz display refresh rates, it realizes the optimal power consumption scheme and guarantees the standby time on the premise of high frame frequency display.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Silver Award winner: Lingxi AR Technology Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: AR Optical Waveguide Display Module AW70

  Consumer-grade lightweight optical engine

  Realistic foundation for highly integrated AR glasses.

  Weight: only 11.5 g

  Small and compact

  26° field of view

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Bronze Award winner: Shenzhen Longli Technology Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: Reverse Group Narrow Frame Double Hole Backlight.

  Longli Technology is committed to the development of LCD backlight. To become a benchmark in the industry, the company has cooperated with BOE to develop a front dual-camera LCD screen. This solution is used as the backlight of the mobile phone display. It is 6.57 inches, and the screen-to-body ratio can reach 20:9 compared with 19:9. It is the world's first mass-produced LCD dual-hole magic eye screen backlight.

  This solution uses the ultra-narrow border COF (reverse group) technology, and the LED uses 2604 packaging. This product has a border as narrow as 2.35 mm, compared with the 3.3 mm border of the conventional (positive group) LED using 3004 packaging.

  This solution is configured with composite membrane materials, which reduces the overall thickness of 0.76 mm and makes the mobile phone lighter and thinner.

Practicality and market value

  1. This solution achieves the performance of OLED dual-hole mobile phones with dual front cameras, and is applied on Huawei Honor V30 to meet consumers' demand for better image quality of the front camera. It addresses the difficulties in LCD hole design effect and provides technical optimization direction for multi-hole design of LCD screens.

  2. The plan adopts the side wrapping process of shading glue. Compared with the conventional front pasting process, the overall adhesive area of the shading glue is larger, which improves the pass rate of the reliability test of the whole machine.

  3. This product has a production yield of more than 95%, which provides quality assurance for the assembly of the whole machine. It can compete with OLED in the high-end field that pursues high screen-to-body ratio and narrow border, and has a great cost advantage.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Gold Award (in no particular order)

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., 65-inch UHD BD Cell

TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., 6.2" folding display

Winner of the Most Popularity Award: TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: 6.2" folding display

Gold Award winner: BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: 65-inch UHD BD Cell

  BOE 65-inch UHD BD Cell is a very innovative display technology in the LCD field. Laminated Cell, pixel-level light control, the "black", "bright", and "delicate" required by high-end TVs are fully embodied. The BD Cell, which has been successfully applied on Hisense high-end TV HZ65U9E, brings users the ultimate visual experience:

  (1)150,000 static contrast and 1 million dynamic contrast keep high standards for every wonderful moment.

  (2)Pixel-level light control technology and million-level dimming partitions are meticulous and amazing.

  (3)The 12-bit ultra-high color depth makes the gray scale transition more natural, so that the visual enjoyment has no boundary.

  BOE 65-inch UHD BD Cell brings shocking visual enjoyment to users, as well as low power consumption and high cost performance. BD Cell leads the new era of LCD display.

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Products and Companies Winning SID CDIA Awards in the Product Category

Gold Award winner: TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: 6.2" folding display.

  The world's first flexible AMOLED folding screen was self-developed and mass-produced by TCL CSOT. The world's first MotorolaRazr 2019 foldable smartphone using this display was grandly released in Los Angeles, USA on November 14, 2019.

  The screen effectively reduces the screen thickness and reduces the cost. The touch layer is directly made on the film packaging layer by using the packaging and touch sensing technology, without adding an external touch layer. CSOT' self-innovated screen stacking structure has a thickness of only 0.3 mm. The position of the neutral layer can be adjusted based on different film structures and thicknesses. The sliding shaft design achieves a bending radius of 3 mm. The bending times reaches more than 100,000, and the service life reaches more than 3 years. The screen size is 6.2 inches, with a 22:9 aspect ratio design and a resolution of 2142x876. It uses CSOT' property Pearl pixel arrangement, with a pixel density of 373 PPI and a full screen brightness of 420 nits. , The maximum brightness can exceed 600 nits, the color gamut saturation can reach 106% NTSC, and the contrast ratio can reach 1,000,000:1. Its design of extremely narrow left and right borders and large-arc upper and lower border provides ultimate aesthetic experience for users.

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