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The only lasting competitive advantage is better than the competitor's learning ability, in order to further enhance the professional quality of grassroots management cadres, continuous learning, to enhance the short board, the opening ceremony for Ledman HZ 2017 “Sailing Program- Grass - roots management cadres to raise the training camp” was held on 12th July at Ledman HZ stage classroom. Chairman Li together with SZ and HZ main management representative give all students a cheer up.

This opening ceremony is divided into 6 parts, leader’s speech, lessons introduction, dividing learning group/team building, introduction for incentives and scores, students swear/poster signature, taking pictures.

Leader’s speech, Chairman Li advised that training can enhance Professionalism, hope all colleagues can continue learning, have a good own career. And wishing all students growing, hard working, enhance personal power and helping Company growing faster, and improve Ledman sales. VP Cong from LED Division started with self working, learning process, explain the importance of leadership. Include with “study hard, improve everyday”. From Chairman Li and VP Cong’ s speech, all students get the wishes from the leadership of company, hope Ledmans can work hard at company platform, create space for self, happiness for family, profit for company, create value to society, realize together wins!

By building learning group/team, the captain of the four teams presents their team name and slogan, neat and loud. Students swear and poster signatures push this ceremony to the best point, solemnly pledge and promise. Integrity, dedication, collaboration, innovation, it is Ledman’s goal to help company enhance industry level, create core value, become leading company in LED field, through this two sections, we can see ledman’s great spirits and dedication.

Learning is like boating against water direction, if not going up, it is going down. Following the protocol of Ledman HZ “Sailing program”, there will be Sailing program, Protection program, Long Going program, Leading Program, there will be special classes for different students.

The Opening ceremony enhanced the Participation and Ceremonies of each Ledman, we believe all of them will keep this enthusiasm and passion, actively participate in all subsequent courses.

Wonderful courses will continue to be published in the coming future.