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In the information technology sector, new gadgets and devices are being launched every day. Every one of these has its benefits, but only a few can call themselves game-changers That is the case with the transparent LED screen. Transparency is one of the most interesting properties of glass. Due to its transparency, it allows light to pass through it.
 transparent led screen 

Info of Transparent LED screen:

Transparent LED Screen: also called grille screen, is a grille-shaped LED display composed of light bars, mainly used for outdoor walls, building tops, office building facades, or indoor scenes. It can form a transparent display effect on the wall, with more fashion and technology, the hollow structure design makes the transparent LED screen break the traditional LED display on the wall, floor installation restrictions, so that customers have more choices。
A transparent LED screen is the future of technology. It's the first of its kind, and it's been in development for over years. Transparent LED screens are made up of millions of tiny LEDs that are arranged in a grid pattern. Each LED can be controlled individually, so you can make the whole screen appear to be a single color or change colors at will. Because they're made up of millions of tiny lights, they're extremely bright and efficient—they use less energy than other types of screens while maintaining a similar brightness level. That means they'll last longer than most other types of screens, too.
 transparent led screen 

Transparent LED screen advantages.

1.Transparent screen penetration rate can be as high as 68%, the screen body is almost invisible outside the 10m line of sight.
2.Easy to assemble and commission
3.Lightweight and easy to transport
4.CE, EMC, FCO and other certifications
5.Multiple sizes available, different sizes can be interlinked to suit various installation environments
6.With all structures and power supplies included, the weight per square metre is only 17-19kg, half the weight of a traditional screen, with little wind load, making it easy and cost effective to transport
7.High protection level, waterproof, dustproof, no fear of bad rain weather, can be used for a long time outdoor. 
8.The maximum brightness of the transparent LED screen is up to 7500nit, which ensures that the screen is clearly visible during daylight hours.

transparent led screen  

Applications of Transparent LED Screen:

Transparent LED Screen this display structure design, reduce the structural components to achieve the block, thus greatly enhance the display of the perspective effect, in a certain distance to watch, the picture as if suspended in the wall, improve the beauty of the display, which is also the traditional LED display can not reach, and subsequently also improve its commercial value.

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transparent led screen 

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