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  Recently, The First UHD E-Sports Competition successfully concluded at New Fa Center in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. The relevant leaders of General Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Publicity Department of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, as well as the Guangzhou TTG team of "Guangzhou City Image Ambassador" attended the opening ceremony. Ms. Su Pei, District Mayor of Yuexiu District Government of Guangzhou attended the closing ceremony and presented the award to the champion Team YW.

  The competition lasted for three days and was broadcast live on Huya. At the same time, in order to fully create the atmosphere of Guangzhou E-sports, the naked-eye 3D UHD LED screen of Beijing Road Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou City and the outdoor UHD LED screen of Yuexiu International Conference Center, both produced by Ledman,broadcast the competition on live, which attracted many spectators to watch the fierce competition on the Ledman's UHD LED screen.

What will Ledman UHD + E-sports happen?

The LED screen displays stunning visual effects of the E-sports

What will Ledman UHD + E-sports happen?

The outdoor UHD LED screen of Yuexiu International Conference Center

The Ledman UHD LED screen is a seamless integration of the UHD display modules based on the independent patent of Ledman, supporting customization of screen shape and size according to the application scene, to avoid the regret of not being able to see the details of the competition and the player's fantasy operation due to the small pixel of the game characters and the lack of resolution of the large live broadcast screen. The primary color display of the whole screen, the low-brightness and high-gray display characteristics perfectly restore the magnificent game interface and the splendid E-sports scene. The ultra-high refresh rate, low latency and multi-signal synchronization processing enable the audience and the players inside and outside the scene to share the wonderful game at the same frequency. At the same time, the larger display area is matched with the live stage lights and shadows, and the UHD video recording equipment is stable for a long time without flicker or ripples.

"This competition is the first official self-branded event in Guangzhou, and also the first integration of the E-sports industry and the UHD industry. Guangzhou's determination and confidence in the development of the E-sports industry have never changed." said Lin Yunfan, president of the Guangzhou E-sports Industry Association

What will Ledman UHD + E-sports happen?

  As one of the UHD industrial application scenarios, E-sports events not only allow players to enjoy the fun of pan-entertainment E-sports competition in the UHD visual feast, but also bring "blockbusters" 4K/8K UHD viewing experience for local audiences in Guangzhou, so they can also enjoy the visual feast. With the development of E-sports events, the demand for LED screens in E-sports live broadcasts and E-sports venues is gradually increasing. In 2017, China issued the "Construction Standard for the E-sport Venues", which divided the E-sports venues into four levels, A, B, C and D, and made clear provisions on the site selection, functional zoning, software and hardware systems of E-sports venues. The standard clearly specifies that E-sports venues above Level C must be equipped with LED screens. The competition viewing screen should set "at least one main screen and several secondary screens to ensure that the audience from all angles can watch comfortably under normal circumstances".

What will Ledman UHD + E-sports happen?

Ledman COB UHD display  E-sports live broadcast

What will Ledman UHD + E-sports happen?

Ledman LED HUB  E-sports live broadcast

  Ledman COB UHD display and Micro LED UHD display have smaller dot spacing than traditional E-sports display, and can carry out touch interaction while presenting a more delicate and smooth picture. This series of products integrates such performances as primary color display, smooth and delicate picture, multi-channel signal mixing, wide viewing angle, etc. Good stability and protection are highly compatible with the demand for UHD LED screen products with smaller indoor spacing in E-sports venues, and customized E-sports display solutions can be built based on various Ledman COB products.

  According to iResearch's data, there were more than 500 million E-sports and game users in China in 2020, and the overall market size exceeded RMB145 billion. China has become the world's largest E-sports market. It is estimated that the E-sports market will exceed RMB160 billion in 2021.

  China's E-sports industry standards have been gradually established, and many cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu have issued policies to support the E-sports industry, actively creating a strong atmosphere for the development of E-sports. Under the strong driving force of the E-sports industry and the accelerated development of 5G, E-sports studio screens and stadium displays may become the main field of UHD LED screens, and LED largE-size UHD screens will usher in a new tide of the industry.

  Facing the bright future of the E-sports market, Ledman Optoelectronic will focus on UHD display products and make the "visual" field of E-sports more interesting and exciting through human-screen interaction, multi-screen linkage, AR and other technologies. With customized UHD E-sports display solution, it helps the E-sports industry develop in tandem with Ledman's UHD displays.


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