A Research Group from Netherlands Famous EuroCollege University Visits Ledman to Experience UHD Vision

Recently, 82 professors and students from EuroCollege University, a famous university in Netherlands, Huizhou-based Ledman high-tech manufacturing base for research and learning exchange. They visited the UHD display product experience hall, experimental center and modern manufacturing workshop, acclaiming the innovative vitality of Shenzhen enterprises and the scientific and technological allure of China’s intelligent manufacturing.



The faculty and students will, during their one-month stay for research and exchange, acquire an in-depth understanding of the corporate culture and production and operation mode of outstanding Chinese enterprises, as well as the transformation and innovation of China’s strategic emerging industries in pursuit of “high-quality development”. Ledman high-tech manufacturing base, the first stop of this research and exchange activity, reveals to the visitors the scientific and technological innovation strength of well-known Chinese enterprises.


In Ledman UHD display product experience hall, the UHD colorful display effect earned unanimous acclaim from the students, who were amazed at the wonderful visual effects of Ledman’s UHD display products. The visit gave them a deeper understanding of the level of scientific and technological innovation in China, said the professors.



The touch-control interactive, highly integrated smart conference interaction system and household giant video wall allowing ultimate movie experience captivated the visitors, who visualized enthusiastically the innovation of scientific and technological products and the application of UHD display products in the future, as they gained a deepened understanding of Ledman Micro LED UHD display technology and mature applications.


Visit to Huizhou-based intelligent production workshop gave the teachers and students a first-hand knowledge of the development and advanced technology of Ledman, and how the brand, China’s outstanding enterprise in the field of UHD display, forges ahead with pioneering and innovating efforts in UHD display, and how it pushes the going global of China’s high-tech products via international strategic layout.



This unique research and exchange activity not only conveyed to the world a message about the globalization of Ledman as a Chinese brand, but impressed deeply teachers and students from a well-known overseas university with the development speed and potential of China’s strategic emerging industries. Ledman, a brand embracing the principle of opening up and cooperation, is active in exchanges with international universities, with the aim to promote the integration of technology and culture, convey the voice of China, and tell the story of Chinese brands.