Contributing to the construction of “Digital Fujian Electricity”, Ledman COB UHD display lights up CHN Energy Fujian Electric Power Dispatching Center

CHN Energy Fujian Branch, a regional leading enterprise, boasts an annual volume of electricity traded amounted to 27.46 billion KWH, with over 500 million KWH of electricity traded in Fujian Province. To gain a keener insight into the electricity market and ensure safe production and power supply, the company recently selected Ledman COB UHD display as the power system’s observation control center.



Entering the company’s production power dispatching center, you will find Ledman COB UHD display showing the power grid operation status in real time. The large screen, its resolution being 18720*3456, with an area of nearly 90 square meters, enables the dispatching center to perform data collection, information display, instruction delivery, and emergency response in an integrated and intelligent manner, making it easy for dispatching personnel to conduct real-time monitoring, rapid analysis of failure causes, effective coordination of resources, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.


The COB UHD display, powered by independent, patented COB integrated packaging technology, greatly improves the clarity, contrast and color reproduction of the display picture. Able to provide more realistic and intuitive images and accurately display various indicators and data in the process of power production and scheduling, it gives workers a clearer picture of the real-time state of power production.



In the dispatching center, dispatching personnel can clearly observe the screen content from all angles. The COB UHD display, armed with a wide viewing angle of 170°, gives to dispatchers an omnidirectional perception of the dynamic power production process and a picture of the overall situation, informing their decision and helping improve the work efficiency.


Also, the COB UHD display, due to its nature of excellent protection and stability, can ensure the stability of continuous work for a long time, helping the company cut operating costs and later maintenance costs.


CHN Energy Fujian Branch acclaimed the COB UHD display for its ultra-clear picture quality and excellent performance in providing accurate and real-time data support and strong support for power production scheduling.


The 90 m2 COB UHD display, a product tailored by Ledman for the dispatching center, has backed by its excellent product advantages, significant customer benefits, and good user evaluation, become another benchmark project launched by Ledman in the field of energy and power. It epitomizes the brand’s strength in technological innovation and injects new impetus into the development of energy and power enterprises.